How long does Finland schengen visa take

How long does Finland Schengen visa take? If you were to submit your application to the Finnish embassy now, when should you expect your visa? Unlike other national visas, Finnish Schengen visas do not take too long, as the average processing time is 15 days. The time starts counting the minute the application is submitted to the embassy, but in some cases, the waiting time may extend by a few days or weeks.

Finland At A Glance

Finland is a Nordic country with a long history. The country has lakes scattered across the land with a sparse population of over 5 million. The five million population makes it one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Finland has a common border with Sweden, Norway, and Russia. It joined the Schengen Area in 2001 and officially became an issuer of Schengen visas. 

The country has also claimed the top spot as the world's happiest country, with citizens enjoying living standards that only a few global citizens can dream of. It is also the sixth most visited country in the Schengen region, with many lovely sites. Some popular spots include the Aland Islands, Olavinlinna Castle, Santa Clause village, Aurora Borealis, and the fortress of Supmenlinna. These sites attract thousands of visitors every year.

Finland also has amazing cuisines, some of which are traditional, with a healthy mix of dishes originating from other countries in Europe. Finnish people are also lovely coffee drinkers, so if you decide to spend your vacation here, expect to enjoy different coffee varieties.

Who Needs A Schengen Visa?

You should know that now everyone needs a visa to Finland; Schengen visas are only required for visitors from countries not on the visa-exempt list. The visa allows you to visit not only Finland but other Schengen countries. Most countries not on the visa free list are third world countries in Africa, Asia, and part of the Middle East, including Russia, China, and India.

Type Of Visa You Need To Enter Finland

You will need the following visa to enter Finland.

Transit Visa:  A transit visa is required if you want to switch flights at Helsinki airport but wish to visit the city and rest for a day or two. This visa is not required if you don't plan to leave the airport while waiting for your flight.

Tourist Visa: This is perhaps the most popular Schengen visa issued to visitors coming to Finland. It is for those coming for vacation and sightseeing.

Visitor Visa: A Visitor Visa is for foreigners visiting their family and friends for a short while. It is similar to the tourist visa and is flexible based on how freely you can move within Finland.

Business Visa: As the name suggests, this visa is for persons coming for business engagements like meetings, seminars, conferences, negotiations, or to represent a company for an occasion.

Study Visa: This visa differs from the conventional one with a longer term validity. You can apply for this one if the course you are coming for will not last more than 90 days.

Official Visa: Officials of foreign governments and embassies operating in Finland may apply for this visa if they have a special assignment to conduct in Finland. In most cases, this visa requires an official or diplomatic visa to process it.

Cultural Visa: A more flexible option is the cultural visa for sports, Film, and cultural and religious events. Persons coming for any of these social events or coming to perform in any of these capacity may apply for it.

Medical Visa: Persons in need of medical care and bed treatment in Finland may apply for the visa.

When applying for a visa for Finland, you should ensure you only apply for one that meets your requirements.

Documents Required for Finland Schengen Visa

  • Application Form

  • Valid Passport

  • Cover Letter

  • Proof of Accommodation

  • Travel health insurance

  • Round Trip Reserved flight ticket

  • Invitation letter, where applicable

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Two identity photos

How Long Does Finland Schengen Visa Take, and Could There Be Delays?

The standard time for visa processing is 15 days, so a little over two weeks, you should get your visa application approved. However, you may have to wait a little longer than 15 days because Finnish embassies abroad don't operate in the same way. Also, some embassies in some countries only accept applications indirectly through licensed agents, increasing the waiting times.

If you are unsure how long Finland Schengen Visa takes, we recommend submitting your application at least one month before the date you've picked for the trip. Doing so will help you avoid last minute changes due to visa approval delays.

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