Finland online application for schengen visa

Are you aware of the Finland online application for Schengen visa? Did you know that you can obtain this application form online, complete it and submit it alongside other documents for processing? An application form is a special document used to provide personal details for visa applications, and this is what the Finnish embassy will use alongside other documents to process a visa request.

Finnish Schengen visa application forms are available online and can be typed online before printing out, or one can simply print it out and fill it out by hand. The first option is always recommended for those who don’t have legible handwriting. The form is in PDF format and on dedicated Schengen visa websites.

Finland At A Glance

Finland is a Northern European country and is one of the Nordic countries in the EU. Fondly called the land of the thousand lakes, Finland has a small population of 5.6 million population which makes it the number one sparse population in Europe. Despite having a significant land mass, most of the land is not occupied and is left uncultivated. Finland shares borders with Sweden and Norway, which are fellow Nordic countries, including Russia.

The country is often cold for most of the year, especially in the north, where the lakes freeze over during winter. Finland joined the Schengen region in 2001 after initially becoming a European country. Finns are called the happiest people in the world and have a unique schooling system that is highly rated and envied. It is also the sixth most visited country in the Schengen zone, with amazing locations like the Olavinlinna Castle, Santa Claus Village, Aurora Borealis, and the Aland Islands, just to mention a few. Finns are also known to be heavy coffee drinkers, even more than Norwegians, Swedes, and Britons.

Who Should Apply For A Schengen Visa?

Schengen visas are required for travelers coming from non-visa-exempt countries. If you are not a citizen of a Schengen country and your country is not on the visa free list, you need to apply for and obtain a visa.

How To Submit A Finland Online Application For Schengen Visa?

To submit your application, you must print out the form in PDF and complete it. Then you must seek out the Finnish embassy in your country to book an appointment. Appointment booking can be made over the phone, via email, or in person. Once you have secured a date, you can present yourself at the embassy and submit your documents to the visa officer in charge.

The visa officer will ask for details about your trip. The embassy will want to know if the documents are yours and whether you have legitimate reasons for applying for the visa. 

After the visa interview, you will be asked to go while your document is processed.

Finland Schengen Visa Processing Time

Applicants don’t get their visas the same day they submit their applications, as the documents go through different processes. The average processing time is 15 calendar days or more, depending on the backlog of applications the embassy is treating.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Finland

The visa application documents for all Schengen visas are the same, and they are as follows.

Application Form: For starters, you must fill out the visa application form and sign it.

Passport: Your valid passport is a requirement for this visa. The passport requirement is a minimum of two blank pages and three months of validity from the departure date from Finland. Passports issued more than ten years ago are not accepted.

Photos: Two recent passport sized photographs that meet all Schengen requirements, like a neutral facial expression, no glasses to be worn, and the photo must be printed on a white background.

Previous Visa: If you have been issued a Finland visa before, include it for reference.

Health Insurance: A travel health insurance policy that covers all medical emergencies in the Schengen area. It must provide a minimum cover of €30,000.

Flight Itinerary: A booking of flights to and from Finland with the entry and departure dates, including the flight number and your details.

Proof of Accommodation: The address where you plan to stay in Finland. You can make hotel reservations online.

Proof of funds: An account statement showing a balance to cover your expenses while in Finland. The minimum daily expenses amount is €30 daily.

Cover Letter: A signed cover letter showing your purpose for visiting Finland. The letter should also contain information about your trip and the places you wish to visit.

The Finland online application for Schengen visa is open to interested visitors who wish to visit Finland for short visits. Ensure that you provide only valid information and leave no section untouched when filling out the form. All sections must be completed.

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