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Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, dating back thousands of years, and is an emerging economy on the African continent. Every year thousands of visitors enter the country with the Ethiopia business visa to attend one business activity or the other. Business visas are classed as any business-related activity, including paid and voluntary work. If you want to know more about the business visa to Ethiopia, keep reading.

Ethiopia Business Visa For Business Visitors

The Ethiopian business visa is a special visa issued to business visitors coming to the country for business purposes. Any visitors who are not from a visa-exempt country will require this visa if they must enter the country to conduct any economic engagement. The government of Ethiopia, through its embassies, issues this visa for different reasons, but they are all business related.

Applications for the business visa can be made online or in person at the Ethiopian embassy or consulate. 

However, there is no business visa on arrival for visitors arriving at the Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa.

Types of Business Visas To Ethiopia

As we pointed out in a previous paragraph, there are different types of business visas depending on the purpose of the trip, and we review them below.

Conference Visa

A Conference visa is issued to visitors who have received an invitation to attend a seminar or conference in Ethiopia. The organizer may be the Ministry of Department, Regional and State governments, Universities and other educational institutions, the United Nations, the African Union, NGOs, or any private entity.

Investment Visa

The investment visa is for foreigners looking to invest in the Ethiopian economy by bringing in funds from abroad. It is also issued to interested investors coming for sightseeing activities to look for opportunities to invest in. This visa requires necessary documentation, including a letter issued by Ethiopia’s Investment Commission.

Foreign Business Employment Visa

The Foreign Business Employment Visa is a short-term visa issued to foreigners working for businesses owned by foreigners but operating in Ethiopia. With this visa, the worker can enter the country and stay for up to 30 days to carry out specific tasks before they depart. One of the vital documents the embassy will request is the TIN certificate and business license of the company they are coming to work for.

Government Employment Visa

The employment visa is the opposite of the foreign business employment visa. It is issued to foreigners contracted by government ministries and institutions to come to Ethiopia for specific purposes. The body contracting the foreign professional must provide a signed application letter which the applicant must submit at the embassy.

Journalist Visa

Ethiopia has a thriving media industry; the journalist visa is also classified as a business visa. This visa is issued to media professionals, including journalists, filmmakers, and photographers who wish to visit Ethiopia to report on a story or to perform media-related work. A supporting letter issued by the Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Information is required.

 Private Firm Visa

The private firm visa is for foreign nationals coming to Ethiopia to undertake a short-term project or job assignment for companies based in the country. The company applying for this visa on behalf of the foreign professional must be owned by an Ethiopian citizen with evidence of a contractual agreement between the company and the professional.

International Embassies & Organizations Work Visa

This work visa was specially created for international embassies and organizations. An organization or a foreign mission operating in Ethiopia can invite a foreigner to work for them for a short period, but they must issue a signed application letter.

Short Task Visa For Government Institutions

The Short Task visa is for foreigners coming to work for a government institution in Ethiopia for a short time. This visa is only issued to visitors hired by government agencies and ministries and requires a signed letter by the institution.

NGO Work Visa

The NGO work visa is especially for Non-Governmental Organizations in Ethiopia to help them attract foreign nationals for work. Most of the tasks the invited national performs are short-term, and the NGO must issue a cover letter to them.

Requirements For Ethiopia Business Visa

Ethiopian business visa requirements vary since they are of different types. However, there are some basic requirements for all of them, namely

  • Recent Passport sized photograph

  • Passport with at least 6 months validity

  • Support let issued by the inviting institution or organization

  • Official application letter addressed to the Immigration authorities

  • The business or operating license of the organization

  • Support letter issued by the Investment Commission where applicable

The Ethiopia business visa has a processing time of three days from the day you submit your documents. The application fee is between $152-$500, depending on the one you apply for.

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