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Cayman Islands customs

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Free import

• 200 Cigarettes
• 25 cigars
• 100 cigarillos
• 250 grams tobacco
• 1 Litre Potable Spirits
• 4 Litres of wine
• 1 Case of beer
• Free Advertising Material i.e. placards and posters
• Agricultural Equipment – hydroponics, fish farming etc
• Prizes and trophies mad out of Gold or Silver or similar substances


• Illegal drugs
• Pornographic material
• Any goods or items depicting or bearing any reference to ganja (marijuana) or the plant
• Counterfeit coins and notes
• Unless they are transit goods, the export of Lobster, Conch or conch meat in any form
• Turtles, turtle meat and other turtle products are prohibited.


• Firearms, Ammunition, Bullet proof Vest and Gun powder are prohibited unless accompanied by an import permit and license signed by the Commissioner of Police.
• Bows, pellet guns, catapults or other manually operated weapons which are capable of projecting arrows or other missiles are prohibited unless accompanied by an import permit and license signed by the Commissioner of Police
• Building materials for a school, church or other state buildings
• Equipment for seriously injured/disabled people – Artificial limbs, eyes.
War medals of gold, silver or copper.
• An import permit from the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture will be required before being able to import any live animals, fish, plant or plant product into the islands.
• Dogs and cats need to be at least 10 months old before being allowed entry onto the island and will additionally require a vaccination against rabies.