Bermuda arrival card

Have you ever been to Bermuda before, or do you have plans to visit the island in the coming months? You will need to apply for a Bermuda arrival card in line with the new travel regulations passed by the government. This regulation became active on November 14, 2022, and since then, travel authorizations were no longer required to enter the island regardless of whether you are traveling by yacht or air. The moment the Bermuda Tourist Authority made this public, it became the standard. This policy is not required for cruise ship travelers and is available digitally.

Bermuda in The Caribbean

Bermuda is one of the most isolated islands in the Caribbean region, but it remains a popular destination for tourists, persons spending their holidays and fun-seeking. The island has maintained its natural beauty probably because of its isolation, and everywhere you look around the coast are stunning beaches that remain untouched, golf courses, resorts, and all the amazing delights one would expect from an isolated island. The food is good, and the air is cleaner than expected. If you want to isolate yourself from the history and bustle of populated urban cities, Bermuda will be an amazing option.

The Bermuda Arrival Card

Traveling to the island of Bermuda has been much more challenging than it is today with the Bermuda Arrival Card. 

This is a mandatory digital document you must obtain before traveling to the island. This is not a conventional visa per SE but a document to inform the authorities that you wish to visit the country. The arrival card also reveals your medical status and any other information you wish to declare. The Bermuda Authority issued the form designed to gather traveler data of visitors who wish to work, live and visit Bermuda.  

Visitors are advised to apply for the card in advance and as early as possible to give the authorities ample time to process it. This card is the exact one travelers were made to fill at the height of the pandemic when restriction protocols were still in place. The travel card is easy to complete and takes only some minutes.

When onboard, the hostess will issue you a pink card which must be filled out as well.

Who Is The Bermuda Arrival Card For?

This card is for non-residents of Bermuda arriving through the Wade Airport. It must be completed online with accurate information and submitted for approval before they embark on the trip. Furthermore, persons with active Travel Authorization permits must still complete the application for an Arrival card. Persons coming to Bermuda aboard a cruise ship do not need the card.

How Long Is The Card Valid For?

This card has a three months validity and is for single entry, and it must be filled in any time the tracker wishes to enter Bermuda for data capturing. It also allows visitors to stay for 90 days maximum. However, a person traveling through Bermuda to a different destination so not need to fill the form unless they wish to stay in the country for a short time.

When To Apply?

Since the card is only valid for 90 days, it is best to apply for it on the day you wish to travel to Bermuda but make sure you have approval before you arrive for safety and comfort by applying at least a day or two before your arrival date. The earlier to submit the application the sooner you will get the approval. Nothing beats the feeling of having all your travel documentation sorted out long before you board your flight.

Documents For Bermuda Arrival Card

When applying for the Arrival card, you must submit a host of documents to the authorities to obtain it. They are as follows.

Passport: You will need to submit your passport information, and valid for the next 180 days after your exit date with at least one empty page. Ensure the passport you travel with is the one you use for the application.

Return Ticket: The authorities may ask to see your return ticket reservation as proof that you intend to leave the island on the day you claim you will leave.

When in Bermuda, endeavor to obey the local laws and environmental regulations set by the authorities. These regulations will be brought to your notice by your host or guide. 

You should also know a close eye on your exit date and don’t overstay your welcome.

The Bermuda Arrival Card is valid for three months and is a single-entry travel document that has replaced the Travel Authorization permit issued to visitors.

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