How long can visitors stay in Bermuda

How long can you stay in Bermuda as a visitor? The Bermudian Department of Immigration has released this information. Before now, the maximum date was 90 days, but visitors who wish to stay much longer can extend their stay for 90 more days. This new regulation came into play on August 1, 2020. After the period, visitors are expected to leave the Island.


This new regulation to grant visitors more time on the Island is an initiative to boost the tourism industry and to allow visitors to enjoy the sights and sounds of Bermuda to their maximum satisfaction. Bermuda is one of the many Caribbean islands in the region and is famous for the legendary Bermuda Triangle. The Island attracts tourists annually who wish to spend their holidays in isolation away from the hustle and bustle of urban city life.

Bermuda is home to stunning beaches, resorts, restaurants, and all the facilities for an unforgettable holiday experience. However, you must apply for the Bermuda Arrival Card to enjoy all these exciting benefits and more.

Bermuda Arrival Card

This card is a single entry document that can be obtained digitally. When it was introduced, it only allowed for 90 day maximum stays, but that has changed with the extension. This card must be obtained by non residents of Bermuda coming to the Island aboard a plane. Visitors coming abroad on cruise ships are exempt from applying for this card. The Travel Card application form must be filled and submitted for approval, and once that is issued, the visitor is free to travel to Bermuda.

This card is not a visa but a notice informing the authorities of your trip. The card is also used to collate data of visitors for tracking inflow and outflow as well as to institute protective measures to forestall the potential spread of viruses.

How Long Can Visitors Stay In Bermuda?

As stated in the first paragraph of this article, visitors can now stay in Bermuda for up to 180 days, a full six months after they first touch down on the Island. Persons who wish to stay for much longer will have to apply for an extension due to extenuating circumstances. The authorities have extension procedures, as shown below.

Annual Residency: The annual residency program is for those who want to stay longer than 180 days. This residency permit is a long term option for visitors, but you are not allowed to work as it is different from the Work From Bermuda certificate. To apply for annual residency, you must fill out the form with all your information and photographs. You must also provide the following documents.

  • Local health insurance policy document

  • Copy of current bank statement

  • An official police statement issued by the authorities in a place the applicant has resided for the last six months (it must have an embossed seal)

  • Proof of $263 application fee

These documents must be sealed in an envelope and placed in the drop box located on the First Floor of the Administration Building opposite the Immigration Department Headquarters.

Kindly note they the fee is subject to change, and this annual residency is not for persons looking to work.

Visitor Extensions: This is another type of residency permit for business visitors who arrived on a 21 day visa or already have a work permit for 30 days. Should they decide to extend their stay, they must send their request via email to the Department of Immigration visitors extension mailbox [email protected].  

There is also a link to complete the application form, which is

The authorities advise applicants to submit their applications at least two weeks before their permit expires. Their application must have the following documents to visit Bermuda.

  • Support Letter from the local company that is working or trading with. The letter must be written on the company’s letterhead giving reasons for wanting an extension.

  • Confirmed booking of return flight ticket

  • Valid passport for at least 45 days beyond the planned departure date based on the Visa Controlled Policy

These documents must be scanned and attached to the application.

Payment Of Application Fee

Kindly note that you will only be asked to pay the application fee after the extension permit has been granted. The authorities will contact you via email with specific instructions on how to make the payment online. Also not either those fees are not refundable, so avoid making the payment before you get a prior notification informing you of the extension.

If you know how long visitors can stay in Bermuda, you will know how to plan your trip effectively. The maximum time non residents can stay is 180 days, but they can apply for an extension at least two weeks before their current permit expires.

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