Bangladesh visa for Indians

India and Bangladesh are neighbors with their borders connected and have a really long history. However, if Indian citizens are planning to visit Bangladesh, they will need to get a tourist visa. Without a tourist visa or business visa, Indians cannot visit Bangladesh. Here are ways through which people from India can visit Bangladesh.

Business Visa for Indian Passport Holder

First is the business visa application. If Indians want to travel to Bangladesh on a business visa, then they must complete the application process. The tourist visa is a single entry and multiple entry visa application available with multiple validities. The single entry visa is valid for up to one month. In contrast, a multiple entry visa is valid for up to six months or up to a year. The business visa offers an entry and stay in Bangladesh of up to thirty days. It takes 10 to 14 business days for visa application processing. The following are the documents required for a business visa application:

  • A complete and filled online application form is required.

  • Official passport with blank pages and validity of up to six months after arrival in Bangladesh

  • Passport sized photographs

  • A Visa fee payment slip is needed, but not for Indians. Other countries and citizens are requested for the visa fee payment, but Indians are exempted.

  • Address of stay in Bangladesh

  • Contact details such as email address, contact number, etc.

  • Different letters and certificates such as invitation letter, marriage certificates, investment proof, business certificates, etc., if applicable.

However, if you have a short stay visa for Bangladesh and want to extend your visa stay, then you should apply for a visa extension and submit the following documents:

  • A business certificates

  • Trade license

  • Tax certificate

  • The official recommendation of the sponsor for a job in Bangladesh

  • Police report, etc.

Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

You can get the maximum stay through a Bangladesh tourist visa application for just thirty days. Single entry and multiple visa entry options are available for Indian applicants. It has two validities if you are applying for a single entry visa facility. One is for up to a month with a processing time of 10 to 14 working days. The other entry visa for multiple entries is valid for up to six months or up to one year. This visa application also takes 10 to 14 business days to complete. Both of these visa processes involve the following steps:

  • First, go to the web and visit the VisaHQ visa experts' site.

  • Set your country as "India" and your destination as "Bangladesh."

  • Open the application form and fill in the following:

    • Name

    • Employment status

    • Prove financial fund

    • Contact details

    • Date of arrival and exit

    • Date and place of birth

    • Home address

    • Passport information

    • Nature of visa application

    • Maximum stay in Bangladesh

  • Then apply for the visa application form and attach the required documents so the visa can be processed.

  • Pay the visa fee according to your visa category and wait for the system to process. However, Indians have a free of cost visa. They are only required to pay a service fee and GSIT when applying.

Note: In some cases, you might be required to provide hotel bookings and some other documents as proof of your stay and visit purpose to Bangladesh.

Schengen Visa Indian Citizen

If you are applying for a job or tourist visa to Bangladesh and have a Schengen visa but are an Indian citizen, then you must apply for a visa. The process is simple. You have to follow the rules of the Bangladesh government and apply as per the rules of the Bangladesh embassy in your Schengen country. The steps will be as follows:

  • You can request an appointment at the embassy

  • Get all the details related to the visa form and application as per your country of residence

  • Fulfill all the visa requirements and get the required documents

  • Pay for the visa fee online as per your country's visa process and the embassy of Bangladesh's requirements

  • Apply for the visa either directly at the embassy or through VisaHQ, if applicable

  • Wait for visa confirmation arrival, and then you can book your tickets to enter Bangladesh

You might need extra documents other than the general documents when traveling to Bangladesh based on your visa. These are also required to be submitted when you apply for your visa. These documents might include the following:

  • A bank statement that represent your financial status

  • Tickets showing the date of arrival and exit for Bangladesh

  • Job letter if you intend to apply for a work visa

  • Invitation letter if applying as tourists to meet friends, relatives, or just visiting, etc.

Note: Officials on government delegate visa, diplomatic or other countries embassy visa and United Nations or other international organization visas are not required to provide any documents but a note verbale. However, for citizens of Indonesia, the visa is free upon arrival in Bangladesh.

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