Bangladesh business visa for Indian

Bangladesh business visa for Indian is available for passport holders from India who wish to travel to Bangladesh for business. However, there are some requirements the applicant must meet to qualify for the visa, and we review them below.

Bangladesh Economy

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, with a large population. 

The country is categorized as a third-world country still at an evolution stage. Despite the country's economic and environmental issues, new economic opportunities continue to emerge across different sectors of the economy. These opportunities draw business persons and individuals from around the globe, including India. Indian investment in Bangladesh is vast, and trends suggest that this trend will continue in the future.

Nationals from different countries are economically active and do business in Bangladesh. Let's also mention that the cost of doing business may be high or low depending on the industry.

Bangladesh Business Visa

A business visa is a special visa issued by the government of Bangladesh through its embassies and foreign missions abroad. This visa is a permit that allows the holder to enter Bangladesh to pursue their business interests. The visa is for a short time and is valid for 6 months from the day it is given to the visitor. The visa allows you to visit Bangladesh for business conferences, meetings, contract negotiations, signing contracts, expanding your business into the local market, participating in trainings, fairs, conferences, and any business-related engagement.

The good thing about this visa is that it can be renewed and extended for up to 3-5 years if you meet the requirements for renewals. Note that this visa is not a work visa, not a study visa, as it doesn't qualify you for a work or study permit. You must only use it for commercial purposes and nothing more.

How To Apply For Bangladesh Business Visa For Indian

Indians can apply for business visas by doing the following.

Fill out The Application Form: You may decide to visit the embassy to submit your application form or complete and submit it online. The application form will contain your personal and travel information, so it must be filled out correctly with no section left untouched. After filling it sign it.

Photos: Attach two passport-sized photos to the form. Only photos with white backgrounds will be accepted and must be recent.

Valid Passport: An Indian passport valid for at least 6 months. The authorities will not accept a passport that will expire soonest.

Confirmed Tickets: You need confirmed tickets for the flight to and from Bangladesh. Don't buy the tickets before issuing the visa; just reserve them.

If you are applying via the embassy, you will need to bring original and photocopies of these documents, but for online applications, you only need to scan these documents and upload them in their appropriate section.

The officials will review your documents, and if they meet the requirements, the visa will be stamped, and you will be invited to collect it at the Bangladesh High Commission. If you apply through a visa agent, they will help you get it from the embassy, and you can collect it from them. Ensure that all the documents you provide are valid and that your information is true so your application will not be rejected.

Bangladesh Business Visa Eligibility

Only eligible Indians that meet these criteria will be issued this visa.

  • Proof of business ownership

  • The clear and verifiable purpose for the visit

  • You must meet Bangladesh health requirements, and medical tests must be performed on you before you travel

  • You must fall under the age limit

  • Sufficient funds to cover your expenses

  • You must be of good character

  • A Police Clearance Certificate to prove that you are not a criminal

Bangladesh Visa Processing Time

Several factors will influence how soon the visa is issued to you, but the standard processing time is 4-5 days. The waiting time may decrease or increase depending on various factors. Also, note that the number of entries attached to the visa will be down to the discretion of the visa officer handling your application.

Visa Fee

The visa fee attached to this application is non-refundable, and the visa officer will not accept your documents if it hasn't been paid. The fee includes the visa services charge and the High Commission fee, and this fee can be paid online or offline.

Apply Online

If you are eligible to apply for the business visa online from India, visit VisaHQ and do the following

  • Log onto VisaHQ 

  • Choose Bangladesh as your destination

  • Choose India as your citizenship

  • Select Business Visa

  • Complete the online visa application form

  • Scan and upload all necessary documents

  • Pay the fee

  • Submit for approval

Online applications for Bangladesh business visa for Indian takes less approval time than embassy applications.

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