Bahamas tourist visa for Indian

The Bahamas is a place filled with beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and is also known as a paradise built on earth. There are many reasons why Indian citizens or anyone else would travel to the Bahamas. However, Indian nationals require visas before traveling to the Bahamas from India. Here are all the details regarding this international travel you might be interested in knowing about.

Bahamas Tourist Visa for Indian Nationals

Bahamas offers free entry to USA green card holders, Canada, UK, and Schengen countries permanent residents even if their home country is India. If you are someone in this category, you will not need a visa to travel to the Bahamas, but if you do not have a permanent residence permit in one of these countries, then you will need a Bahamas visa as per the visa policy.

You can visit VisaHQ and fill in your forms and apply online. A Bahamas visa for tourists from India is a single entry visa offering a maximum stay of up to thirty days and a validity of up to three months. Applying for this Bahamas visa is easy. You can follow the steps below and complete your application in no time.

  • Visit VisaHQ website

  • Select "Bahamas" as the travel destination

  • Select "India" as the citizenship

  • Register yourself and fill out an online visa application form. To fill out the immigration form, you must give your valid passport details, address, email, name, and other registration requirements.

  • Then pay the Bahamas visa fees and wait for the approval letter.

  • You must also complete a travel health visa if you want to travel to the Bahamas, as it is needed upon arrival in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Transit Visa

A transit visa is required if you are traveling transiting through the Bahamas and want to enter the Bahamas. The transit visa lets you stay for 24 hours in the country, but there are a few visa requirements that you need to fulfill. You might have to show the following documentation upon arrival in the Bahamas to get a Bahamian visa for 24 hours. These entry and visa requirements will include the following:

  • A valid national passport

  • Onward journey ticket

  • Also, completed the visa application form and visa fees

Bahamas Visa Requirements

There are documents required for the Bahamas visa application that is dependent on the Bahamas visa types, but in general, you will need to submit the following if you want to visit the Bahamas.

  • A valid passport with blank pages and the passport validity requirement is at least three months after the return ticket.

  • Two passport-sized photos.

  • The application form should be filled in block letters and signed by the applicant.

  • Bank Statements

  • Medical Insurance, including Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate and other special vaccinations if applicable

  • Accommodation proof such as residential hotel permits, etc.

  • Invitation Letter

  • Criminal Records to show that you are not a threat if you enter the Bahamas

  • Flight details

  • Travel documents stating your civil status, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.

Bahamas Visa Requirements if Applying through Embassy

If you are not filling out an online immigration form, you will need to visit the Bahamas Consular Division in India. You can discuss the Bahamas extended access travel visa and other visa information with them to know which documents are required and what certificates you might need to submit to get your Bahamas visa.

The process is simple; you must follow the given steps and be ready to visit the Bahamas.

  • Go to the Bahamas Consular Division in your country and ask them about their visa policy and the documents required.

  • Prepare your documents and submit them along with your biometric data at the embassy.

  • You will also have to pay the fee for their services, which is non-refundable.

  • Then wait for your visa, and once it arrives.

  • You have to get your passport from the embassy, pay the stamping fee to get the visa stamped and then you can plan your travel period to the Bahamas and book airline tickets, residency, and other things in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Visa for Diplomatic or Official Passports Holder Indian Citizens

Indians who already have visas or permanent residents of the US, Canada, UK, or any one country present in the Schengen Member State list, do not need a visa to enter the Bahamas. Moreover, Indian citizens with diplomatic or official passports do not require a visa to enter the Bahamas, but other Indian nationals will require a visa.

Bahamas Visa Fees and Processing

Suppose you have a permanent residence permit or permanent resident card from the USA, Canada, or any other country. Then you should check visa information for those countries, and for India, you will need to pay around $233 for a Bahamas visa. This fee is non refundable, and you must pay it for your visa processing.

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