Azerbaijan visa for Egyptian

The Azerbaijan visa for Egyptians is for nationals who want to visit Azerbaijan for business, tourism, or any other purpose. Egypt is not on the list of visa-free countries, so Egyptian passport holders will need a visa to enter Azerbaijan. Keep reading to learn more about the Azeri visa application process.


Azerbaijan is not a big country but a small nation with many cultural and historic wonders. The country has a long and illustrious history; over the years, the number of tourists visiting the country has increased steadily. The capital is Baku, which also houses the country's most popular tourist sites. The popular fire mountain in Baku has a hillside that burns continuously; that is why the country has been nicknamed the Land of Ice and Fire.

There are loads of cultural and historic sites to visit, lovely resorts, and amazing restaurants where local and international cuisines are always on the menu. Between 2016-2017 the number of tourists coming to Azerbaijan increased by as much as 17%, and despite being a small country, it receives an average of 2.2 million visitors annually.

Although Egypt is one of the most famous tourist nations in the world, Egyptians looking for something different can visit Azerbaijan to spend some time away from home.

Do Egyptians Need Azerbaijani Visa?

As an Egyptian citizen, you need to acquire a visa before you travel to Azerbaijan because you will not be allowed into the country without one. Egypt is not on the visa-free list. The visa-free countries whose citizens can enter Azerbaijan include Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

These countries are part of the larger Eurasian union, so their citizens can visit and stay in the country for a period of 90 days without an e visa. Other nationals, including Egypt passport holders, do not enjoy this privilege and must apply for an online visa.

Note: It is a crime to convert other people of other faith to your faith.

How To Get An Azerbaijan Visa From Egypt?

Egyptians who want to secure a visa must visit the Azeri embassy in Cairo. The process is relatively straightforward, and the officials will request certain documents from you, including a duly completed visa application form. After a few days, you will be called forward for an interview, and you must present the original copies of all your documents for review. If your application is granted, the visa will be attached to your passport, and you can travel.

For a short term visa like for tourism, you don't need to visit the embassy but can submit an online application and get the visa in a few days.

Types Of Azerbaijan Visa

Tourism Visa

This is the most popular visa for visitors visiting for site seeing and vacation. The visa takes about 10 working days to process and allows the holder to stay in the country for up to 90 days. With a tourist visa, you can visit any part of the country you like as you will not be restricted from visiting any public site to have a nice time during your stay.

 Business Visa

Egyptians who wish to visit Baku or any other part of the country for business will have to apply for a business visa. Note that this is not a work visa but only for business related activities. Business Visa allows you to stay for up to 90 days

Transit Visa

A transit visa allows the holder to stay in The Republic of Azerbaijan for not more than 3 days before they continue their trip to their final destination.

Work visa

Egyptians who have secured a job with an Azeri company must apply for and get q work visa before entering the country to work. It is illegal to stay and work in Azerbaijan without a work permit. Your new employer will provide you with an employment letter and every other document the embassy will request.

Study Visa

This visa is for Egyptians coming to study in Azerbaijan. This visa has a validity that will last for the duration of the course.

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

Bear in mind that the following documents have to be attached to your visa application form.

Passport: A valid Egyptian passport with at least two blank pages for visa stamps if your application of approved. Only passports with nothing less than 6 months of validity will be accepted.

Passport photograph: Recently taken passport photographs. The photograph must be on a white background.

Bank Card: You will need a bank card to pay the visa processing service fee to the Azerbaijan government. This fee should be paid if you are applying online or at any of Azerbaijan overseas missions.

Bank Statement: An original copy of a bank statement showing that you have sufficient balance to cover your expenses during your stay in the country. The statement must cover entries for the last three months.

Return Flight: A copy of your return flight back to Egypt at the conclusion of your trip.

Travel itinerary: A copy of your travel Itinerary and the purpose of your visit.

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