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Uzbekistan has a great historical value and many foreign nationals' visitors coming from around the world love to obtain visas to visit Uzbekistan and view the oldest cities present in the world. The Samarkand and Bukhara are the oldest cities present in Uzbekistan and there is no doubt Uzbekistan has some semi-precious metals, nuclear materials, and more which tour companies love showcasing the visitors visiting on Uzbekistan business visa.

If you are traveling from third country or even relevant neighboring countries, you will need to follow the border crossings strict regulations. You must get an Uzbekistan business visa for business visits, visa on arrival for private visits or brief entries, if applicable, at Uzbek airports. Below are the current visa information for all of the Uzbekistan visas for foreign passport holders.

Uzbekistan Business Visa for Foreign Nationals

The Uzbekistan business visa for foreign nationals is easy to obtain. You must provide all the valid document to the embassy and fulfill all visa requirements and the process is done. The Uzbekistan business visa includes multiple entries and single entry visa which is valid for up to one year. Based on your work permit, you can become long term visitors with multiple entry in the country or ca have the single entry option.

Uzbekistan Business Visa Requirements

Below are the documents required if you want an uninterrupted registration for a trip to Uzbekistan through different visa categories. Foreign nationals must submit all these documents to the diplomatic or consular representation that will grant the Uzbekistan business visa, tourist visa or other type of e visas.

  • Uzbekistan visa application form that should be completed and signed. However, if a business organization or company is inviting you, then the visa form is required to be printed on that company letterhead.

  • A completely filled electronic visa form.

  • A valid passport of your home country.

  • An original copy of the passport of your home country.

  • Copy of airline ticket from airport in your home country to Tashkent airport. The complete flight itinerary is required.

  • If you have your friend or relative sponsoring you, then you need their passport copy and your relationship proof with them.

  • Invitation letter is also required, if applicable. The invitation letter must include your purpose of visit, duration of stay, date and timings of visit, your name, status, etc.

  • For company or organization sponsorship, you need passport copy of the head or authorized individual submitting the application, a license or certificate of the organization, copy of power of attorney of the person with whose copy you are using, and guest's employment certificate.

  • You need to submit passport size photographs with white background that are at least three months before applying for Uzbekistan business visa.

  • You should show proof of status, such as work permit, study permit, etc.

  • You have to submit HIV test results as per Uzbek law for disease control.

After the Uzbekistan Consulate or Embassy has given approval letter for visa, then the applicant has to submit the following documents at your nearest Uzbek embassy or consulate.

  • A valid Passport

  • Valid passport size photographs

  • Uzbekistan visa application forms that must be completed and signed.

Uzbekistan Business Visa Application Form Process

Applying for an Uzbekistan business visa only takes a few steps if you apply through VisaHQ. You have to visit the website. Then enter Uzbekistan as your destination and your home country as your citizenship. Then you have to select the proper visas category for your trip to Uzbekistan. The foreign citizens applying for the Uzbekistan business visa must select the business visa category on the visa information page.

Then applicant has to enter their details. Entry of valid and correct information is required for visa application. The foreign residents must enter their foreign address, official name as per their identification card, date of birth, etc. for initial registration. Then they have to pay the Uzbek embassy visa fee and wait for approval letter from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For Uzbekistan business visa you will also have to submit electronic documents along with your visa application form to the VisaHQ. After response from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and confirmation of the Uzbekistan business visa; the applicant has to submit the visa application form containing their personal and visa information, their passport and photographs for visa stamping.

Valid Uzbek Visa Fee and Processing Time

The Uzbekistan business visa fee and processing time vary depending on the visa type, location of the citizens and type of service they want. If you require urgent visa with less processing days, then the visa fee is generally high. However, for normal visa applications, the visa fee is lower and processing times are longer.

Therefore, in general, an Uzbekistan business visa costs around $369.00 with 11 business days processing time. Whereas the urgent Uzbekistan business visa costs around $449.00 which takes around 5 business days processing time.


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