South Sudan visa requirements for Ugandans

The South Sudan visa requirements for Ugandans are a set of documents and information all Ugandan citizens must provide when applying for a visa. Without these documents and information, their application for the visa will be successful. To make your application successful, do well to read this post till the end to know more.

South Sudan At A Glance

South Sudan did not exist before 2011 and was part of the larger Sudan, but all that changed on July 9, 2011, after years of civil war with North Sudan when it gained independence. 

The country has witnessed significant socio-economic problems ever since, as is common with new countries. Africa’s newest has not been stable because of political conflict between rival countries, harsh economic conditions, terror attacks, and negative climatic events that have brought about a serious humanitarian crisis.

The capital is Juba which is also the most populated city, but it also has its fair share of problems. These events have unsettled the region and have made it a risky country to travel to. Several world governments advise their citizens not to travel to South Sudan if they can afford not to or to maintain high alertness in the country when they visit.

Do Ugandans Need A South Sudan Visa

Ugandans visiting for a short time don’t need a visa to enter South Sudan. The government through South Sudan's foreign affairs ministry has an open-door policy towards the citizens of Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, and Tanzania as long as they come for short visits. However, for long-term visits, they must apply for a visa.

South Sudan E Visa

Despite being the world’s youngest country, South Sudan authorities have an electronic visa system where foreign nationals and other neighbours from the East African community can apply for visas online without needing to visit their embassy. The country has few embassies and foreign missions, so it relies on the e-visa system to receive applications and issue visas.

E-visas are processed within days and issued to applicants via their email addresses. They are expected to print it out and fly with it to Juba, where the immigration officers on duty will review it before stamping their passports and allowing them into the country.

How To Apply For A South Sudan Visa?

To apply for this visa as a Ugandan passport holder, you must arrange all the necessary documents in one place before going online to fill out the form. VisaHQ is a reliable platform to submit your application in a few simple steps.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select South Sudan as your destination

  • Select Uganda as your country of citizenship

  • Choose the visa you want

  • Correctly fill out the application form

  • Scan the documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval

In just these few steps, your application process will be complete, so you can wait for the visa to be delivered to your email address. To prevent delays or application rejections, endeavor only to submit valid documents and provide accurate information. 

Also, you must print out the visa and travel with it to South Sudan as the immigration officers will request it before stamping your passport.

Note that the officers have the right to deny entry if they discover that you obtained the visa under a false pretext or used fake documents.

South Sudan Visa Requirements For Ugandans

Here are the visa requirements for Ugandan visa applicants. Bear in mind that only valid documents will be accepted.

Passport: The Ugandan applicant must provide a valid passport that will not expire for the next 6 months starting from the return date. Passports with shorter expiration dates will not be accepted.

Proof of Accommodation: The authorities wish to know where you plan to stay once you arrive. They expect to see a copy of your hotel reservation or a rental agreement for a residential property.

Itinerary: Travel itinerary detailing your arrival and departure date, including the purpose of the trip and where you plan to visit m

Flight itinerary: A confirmed flight itinerary to and from South Sudan.

Yellow Fever vaccination: All visitors coming to South Sudan must show proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination before they are allowed into the country.

Civil Status Certificate: Those visiting a spouse, parent, child, or relative in South Sudan must provide proof of their status, like a marriage or birth certificate.

Visa Processing Time

After submitting your application, it will take 72 hours to receive your visa in your email address. As for the visa duration, that is at the authorities' discretion. Visa validity is not cast in stone but changes from time to time so visitors can stay for as long as the visa remains valid.

Now that you know South Sudan visa requirements for Ugandans, visit VisaHQ now to apply.

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