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If you want to conduct business in Russia, you will need a Russian business visa. In this article, we will discuss the requirements for Russian business visas and how you can apply for them online.

Documents Required for Russia Business Visa

Here are some documents that you will need to submit for a Russian business visa:

  • Application Form: Complete form and sign it before submitting it. You can submit the form online or to the Russian consulate.

  • Original Passport: For a Russian visa, you will need submit your original passport. The passport should be valid for 6 months or more. Please ensure the passport has at least 2 blank pages

  • Passport-type Photograph: A passport-type photograph is also required. Please ensure the photograph has a white background, otherwise, it will not be accepted. You can upload the photograph in the online form. You can also take this photograph through your phone.

  • Passport copy: You can scan the front page of the passport and submit it. However, ensure that the passport is valid and signed by you. You will need to scan the information page of the passport.

  • Business invitation letter: The business invitation letter is a mandatory document, and it needs to be approved by the foreign affairs department of the Russian Federation. You can obtain these letters from a visa provider by paying a fee. The approved business invitation letter should be attached to your form.

  • Health Insurance: Proof of international health insurance is required for a Russian visa. The insurance should also cover travel to the required destination.

  • Travel Registration: The Russian foreign affairs ministry recommends submitting travel registration for foreigners. The foreigners can submit the registration at an embassy.

    Russian Business Visa Charges and Validity

    Single-Entry Visa

  • Validity: Up to 90 days

  • Processing: 10 business days

  • Embassy Fee: $ 243

  • Service Fee: $ 209

  • Total Cost: $ 452

  • Stay: 30 days

Multiple Entry Visa

  • Validity: Up to 3 days

  • Processing: 10 business days

  • Embassy Fee: $ 243

  • Service Fee: $ 209

  • Total Cost; $ 452

  • Stay: 180 days

Double Entry Visa

  • Validity: Up to 90 days

  • Processing: 10 business days

  • Embassy Fee: $ 243

  • Service Fee: $ 209

  • Total Cost: $ 452

  • Stay: 30 days

Is Russia Open for Business?

Over 1000 companies have curtailed their operations in Russia, so doing business in the country is difficult right now. However, some international companies are still operating in Russia so the country is not completely close to business.

However, before you enter Russia, please be vary that you will need to fulfill a few upon-arrival restrictions:

  • Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid and signed

  • Valid Visa: Your Russia business visa should be valid

  • Negative PCR Test: You should take a Covid-19 test prior to arrival, and it should be negative. The test should be taken 72 hours before boarding the plane.

  • Health Form: The ministry of foreign affairs has stated that those that have Russian citizenship and are arriving in the country by air need to register an electronic health form before they enter the country.

  • Quarantine: Travels entering Russia without a Covid-19 test will be asked to quarantine. Those that have a permanent work permit will be asked to self-isolate for up to 14 days.

  • Masks: It is mandatory to wear masks in all public and enclosed places and while traveling on public transport.

There are also three types of business entities in Russia:

  • Russian legal entity

  • Joint-stock companies

  • Private limited companies

How do I get a 3 year Russia

To apply for a three-year tourist visa, you will need to obtain a standard visa support letter. However, for this visa, you will need to specify in the form that you want a three-year long visa.

How to Apply for Russian Visa Online?

You can let VisaHQ handle your Russian visa process. We will get your process started in no time. However, to apply for a visa application online, you will need to follow these steps:


An account is needed if you wish to apply for a business visa online. The account is free of cost, so you won't be charged any amount. Once your account is made, you can fill out the visa application form.

Visa Application Form

The visa application form is a document confirming that you have applied for a business visa to Russia. The form is easy to fill out, but you will need to ensure that all the information you enter is valid. If the information in the form is not valid or up to date, your application will not be approved. You will also need to attach the business invitation letter with this form.


Once your form is complete, you will need to make a payment. You can make the payment through a debit or credit card.

If you have a PayPal account, you can use that to make a payment for Russian visas. Please remember that charges for Russian citizens may vary.

Russian Federation Visa Policy

The visa policy of the Russian Federation covers the requirement for foreign nationals who wish to enter the country. According to the current policy, all visitors, with the exception of those from visa-exempt countries, must apply for visas and get them before they are permitted to travel to Russia, enter the country, and stay for some time. The visa exemptions are signed based on multilateral and bilateral agreements with other countries. Currently, Russia has active agreements with many countries whose citizens may either be able to apply for electronic visas or are completely exempted from holding visas if they are coming to stay for only a short period.

If your country is not on the visa exempt or electronic visa list, you must apply to a foreign mission abroad to land the visa.

 Furthermore, as a foreign national in Russia, you are expected to comply with the rules and regulations while you are within their territory, including border and customs regulations. The authorities may deny entry, shorten your stay, or deport you if their laws are violated.

Russian Federation Visa Free Policy

Currently, there are over 60 countries whose citizens are not required to hold visas before entering Russia if they don’t wish to spend more days than is allowed under the visa waiver program. Apart from Belarus and South Ossetia citizens who may remain in Russia indefinitely, other visa-free visitors can only stay in Russia without visas for 90 days within 180 days. Tweaking the period by leaving and reentering the country is no longer accepted like it was in the past.

 Visitors who violate the policy and overstay for up to 180 days are banned from future entry for three years. If they overstay up to 270, that attracts a five-year ban, and anything above 270 will be a 10-year ban.

Visa Free Countries

The Russian Federation has a visa free list of selected countries whose citizens can stay in Russia for different durations.  How long they stay depends on their nationality as determined by the visa policy of Russia.  While citizens of Belarus and South Ossetia may stay in Russia indefinitely, other eligible nationals can stay for 90 days, 60 days, 30 days and 14 days respectively.

Visa exempt visitors are free to enter as tourists, pursue their business interests or transit through a Russian airport to another country.  However, they are not allowed to work or study without obtaining a work study visa.

Russian e Visa

As part of the government’s drive to speed up visa application processing, the e-visa program was launched for selected foreign nationals. This visa is valid for 60 days from the issue date and allows the holder to stay in the country for up to 16 days. During their time in Russia, they can move within the Federation. Electronic visas are issued for the purpose of tourism, business, sporting, socio-political, cultural, and scientific events. Applicants are advised to apply for their e-visas no earlier than 40 days and later than 4 days before the day they plan to travel.

E-visa applications are processed up to four days from the submission date.

Key Information About Russian Federation e Visa

Here are some vital details about the electronic visa of Russia you should know about.

Not Extendable: The first thing you should bear in mind is that this electronic visa is not transferable from one visitor to another. The general rule is for each visitor to apply for their own electronic visa before entering the country. The same is the case for persons traveling with minors; they must apply for a visa on their behalf.

Application Fees: There is a processing fee attached to the process which must be paid using a credit or debit card. This fee is not refundable even if the visa is not issued.

Apply With The Same Passport: You must travel with the same electronic visa used for the application, not a different one. This is because the visa is electronically linked to the passport so traveling with a different passport will be tantamount to having no passport at all. Furthermore, the passport must have at least 6 months validity.

Only Valid For Approved Routes: This electronic visa is only valid for approved routes so endeavor to plan your itinerary properly. Transit visitors should also use only approved airports for their connecting flights.

Russian Federation Visa Online – Get your Russian Federation e-Visa with VisaHQ

Are you planning a trip to Russia anytime soon? You will need to obtain a visa if you are from somewhere other than a visa-exempt country. The good news is that Russia offers electronic visas to persons from eligible countries, so if you are eligible, you can apply for one through VisaHQ. You don’t have to visit the Russian embassy to go through a prolonged visa application process.

How To Apply For A Visa With VisaHQ

If you are looking to apply for a visa with VisaHQ, you can save time with the process. We have structured our online application process so applicants can complete theirs using their smartphones or computers in 20 minutes or less. Here is what you need to do to apply for an e-visa to Russia.

Fill Out The Form: You should start by choosing the visa you want, then fill out the application form carefully. The information you provide should match what is on your documents.

Attach the documents: Since it is an online application, you only need to submit soft copies of your documents, and you should upload scanned copies of all your documents.

Get Your Visa: After submitting your application form, you should wait up to 3 days for processing.

The visa will be forwarded to your email inbox. Please print it out and bring it with you for the trip.

Why Use VisaHQ?

You should join the long list of applicants who trust VisaHQ with their applications because our service is indeed first class. When you apply with our platform, you enjoy the following

  • Speedy application form completion
  • Avoid disqualifying mistakes
  • Track your application status
  • Apply for multiple visas
  • Protect your sensitive information with our advanced data encryption software

VisaHQ will also provide you with expert support should you encounter difficulties with your application. Our representatives are only a call away, so you have nothing to worry about. Navigate to the application page now, choose your desired visa, and complete the application form.

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