Qatar business visa processing time

If you’re looking for viable options for expanding your business, Qatar can be a great option for an investment. To start a business in Qatar, you will require a Qatar business visa.

With a Qatar Business visa, you can carry out various business-related activities such as attending business meetings, exhibitions, conferences, dealing with foreign companies, etc. The visa validity is for 3 months, permitting a stay of 30 days per visit. You can extend the visa as well.

This guide will inform you about all the necessary information regarding Qatar business visas.

Working in Qatar

Most travelers have said that relocating to Qatar for work or business has been a smooth transition and a very beneficial experience. Foreign citizens make up most of the overall population, and though Arabic is the country's national language, English is usually spoken in business settings.

Clients and colleagues from worldwide term Qatar have an eclectic business culture. People from varying cultural backgrounds clash among things like communication styles and varying cultural norms.

Travelers are advised to educate themselves about undertaking business and work in Qatar. You’ll have to be patient and aware of the effects of cultural differences on office life.

What is Qatar Business Visa?

A Qatar business visa is needed if you’re traveling to Qatar for business-related reasons. With a Qatar business visa, you can carry out varying business-related errands such as undertaking conferences, meetings, exhibitions, dealing with foreign companies, etc. The validity of the visa is 3 months permitting a stay of 30 days per visit. You can extend your business visa as well if you want. This visa doesn’t have a visa waiver.

What is the medical test for Qatar Business Visa?

An authorized doctor performs a medical test which is a health examination. This health examination is necessary to make sure that travelers aren’t infected with any contagious diseases and are fit and healthy for travel.

These tests will include any disease that has a chance of spreading. These tests won’t be necessary for all kinds of visas but for a business visa, they are. Short-term visas often don’t require a medical test.

How can I apply?

To acquire a business visa for Qatar, you will have to fulfill the eligibility requirements for it. Following are the guidelines that’ll help you apply for a Qatar business visa online. You can visit VisaHQ to apply for a Qatar business visa.

Following are the steps to apply:

  • Visit VisaHQ and select Qatar as the country you’re traveling to and select which country you’re a citizen of

  • Fill out the Qatar Business visa application form on VisaHQ

  • Attach the scanned copies of the documents that you’re required to submit

  • Submit the required documents online along with the application form  

  • Pay the visa fee for processing

  • After you’ve successfully completed the process, you can receive your Qatar business visa by email

When filling out these forms, ensure that the information you provide is accurate and matches the details in your passport and documents. If any information is false or incorrect, then your visa may get rejected. Such types of visa rejections can affect future applications for business visas to Qatar and any other country in general.

How long can I stay in Qatar after my Qatar Business visa expires?

If your business visa in Qatar expires, then you won’t be allowed to stay any longer in the country anymore. If you have any humanitarian reasons to stay in Qatar for longer, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will give you an extension. However, if you aren’t able to depart from Qatar even after your visa expires, you will have to face charges and can be banned from entering the country again. If you want to stay for longer, simply apply for n extension before your visa expires.

How can I extend my Qatar Business Visa?

To extend your business visa to Qatar, it is necessary for you to have a logical reason for the extension. You can apply online on VisaHQ for a Qatar visa extension. Once your application is submitted and has approval, your visa will get extended for 180 days ahead of your present visa validity. The permitted stay will still be 30 days per visit.


When applying for a Qatar business visa, you will have to make sure that you match the eligibility criteria. Following is the eligibility criteria for Qatar visas.

  • You must have a logical purpose for the visit and proof of business ownership

  • You must meet recommended health requirements. You must be healthy and fit enough for your travel to Qatar. You must also perform a medical test before traveling to Qatar

  • You must be of good character and have genuine intentions when traveling to Qatar

  • You must be financially independent and have sufficient funds to stay in Qatar

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