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Washington, D.C. -- Oct 4, 2018 -- VisaHQ, the leading online visa and passport application solution, has explained the often-confusing visa approval process with a guide that will help both seasoned travelers and first-timers.

The company works hard to make sure the visa application process is as simple as possible for clients. However, certain aspects can still befuddle even expert international travelers.. In this brief new guide, VisaHQ hopes to clarify how the visa approval process works for those who are struggling to understand this aspect of obtaining a travel visa.

“At times, users of our online platform forget that we aren’t controlling the entire visa application process,” says Alexander Yaroshenko, CEO of VisaHQ.

Once the application is submitted via VisaHQ’s web-based smart form, a dedicated visa agent reviews the applicant’s information to ensure that all necessary supporting documents are included. The agent will also check to make sure the user has applied for the correct visa type and that there are no spelling errors in the paperwork. Even minor discrepancies can hinder visa applications from being approved in a timely fashion.

Judy M., one of our clients, says, “VisaHQ totally took out the stress of applying for my visa. From completing the online form to sending the documents, it was a stress-free process. Your agents secured my biometrics appointment. Without their help, I don't know how I would have been able to get the visa so quickly.”

Another client, Kelly G. who just received a Chinese visa, adds, “What was a nightmare with other companies’ online systems was a breeze with VisaHQ. I appreciated how seamless your questionnaire was, and when it came time to complete and print, it magically converted over to the Chinese form...genius!”

After any pertinent documents have been received and reviewed, a VisaHQ consular liaison delivers the applications and supporting documents to the appropriate consular authorities. Although VisaHQ has excellent relationships with diplomatic missions around the world, it is important for users to understand that an application is submitted for processing, it is out of our hands. The guidelines and approval timelines we provide are based on past experience and information from each individual country’s diplomatic mission and are subject to change at any time.

“Some clients think that we can magically push their application and bend the consular decision in their favor. We can’t, of course,” says Yaroshenko. “However, 99.91% of our applications are approved. Why? Because of our visa experts meticulous quality checks.”

Although we aren’t involved in governments’ decisions about whether or not to issue a visa to a specific individual, what VisaHQ does do is to keep clients informed of their application status every step of the way.

Our client, Christopher P., experienced this firsthand, “I was very impressed with how they kept me updated throughout the process. They told me when they received my documents if anything was missing or wrong, when they dropped them off at the embassy, and what the status was upon completion.”

In some cases, our clients are asked to provide additional documentation, appear for in-person interviews, or provide biometric data (fingerprints). Unfortunately, we have no say in who has to complete these tasks, however, VisaHQ agents can help prepare for any necessary appointments.

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