VisaHQ Collaborates with Alibaba’s Fliggy to Expedite Outbound Tourism for Chinese Travelers

VisaHQ Collaborates with Alibaba’s Fliggy to Expedite Outbound Tourism for Chinese Travelers

Washington, D.C. -- March 13, 2018. The leading online visa and passport application solution, VisaHQ, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Fliggy to expand the coverage of the latter’s Online Visa Center to 11 new travel destinations. Fliggy is the travel service platform under Alibaba Group and enjoys access to 580 million mobile monthly active users from across Alibaba's China retail marketplaces (as of December 2017).

As a result of the agreement, VisaHQ will provide Chinese travelers via Fliggy with enhanced access to 11 "Belt-and-Road" countries that currently offer e-visas to Chinese citizens: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Georgia, India, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey and Vietnam. The "One-Belt-and-One-Road" (OBOR) initiative is part of China's opening-up policy that aims to increase regional connectivity.

VisaHQ’s debut as a service partner on Fliggy's Online Visa Center – launched in October 2017 and accessible through Fliggy’s mobile app – represents VisaHQ's first ever integration with a travel platform, as well as its first contract in China.

"We are proud to help expand Fliggy’s online visa processing service with our solution, and believe this collaboration will contribute toward expediting outbound travels for Chinese consumers," said VisaHQ Chief Executive Officer Alexander Yaroshenko.

Travel visa requirements are complex, change frequently, and can vary significantly due to a number of factors, such as the destination country’s regulations or the traveler’s citizenship or residency status. VisaHQ works with the appropriate embassies and consulates of the relevant countries to ensure that their travel visa rules and policies are always up to date on the Fliggy platform. To provide optimal localized customer service, VisaHQ has opened an office in Shanghai, and will soon open offices in Beijing and in other major cities in China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping expects 700 million Chinese visits overseas in the next five years. Spending by outbound Chinese travelers in 2016 alone reached $261 billion, as the total number of outbound travelers rose to 135 million, IATA is anticipating China will displace the U.S. as the world's largest aviation market by 2022, two years sooner than previously expected.

Screenshots of the Fliggy app: 1) Turkey visa application section powered by VisaHQ and 2) Order page

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