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Global Expansion at VisaHQ.com as London, U.K. Office Opens


July 29, 2010


Brian Clucas



VisaHQ Press Release

Global Expansion at VisaHQ.com as London, U.K. Office Opens

Online Travel Visa Applications Arrive in the U.K.

Washington, DC, July 29, 2010 – VisaHQ.com, the pioneer of online travel visas services, continues its global expansion by officially launching a London, U.K. office and region-specific website: VisaHQ.co.uk. The opening at a prime location for the U.K. branch, in the exclusive central Mayfair area, heralds another milestone in the growth and worldwide scope of VisaHQ. Company executives have been travelling to the U.K. in preparation for the launch, the first office outside North America of the trusted travel visa and passport service provider.

Alexander Yaroshenko, VisaHQ.com, Inc. company CEO comments, “We are very excited VisaHQ is opening a London office. With a presence in London, VisaHQ will be entering a key market. We see this as adding value to our clients that have business ties with the U.K. and Europe. However, perhaps the most exciting aspect is the ability this growth affords us in offering our unrivaled online services to residents of the U.K.”

VisaHQ.com’s unique online tools allow travelers to apply for a travel visa to any country, applicants receive real-time electronic status updates and dedicated customer service. Clients also gain access to the world’s most comprehensive database of visa requirements for all nationalities and the largest online directory of Embassies and Consulates worldwide.

The address for VisaHQ.co.uk is 18 Spring Street, London, W2 3RF. For more details, regarding services in the United Kingdom please visit www.VisaHQ.co.uk, telephone 020 7409 7524, or e-mail, info@VisaHQ.co.uk.

As part of its mission, parent company, VisaHQ.com continues to pursue collaborative partnerships with organizations conducting business in the U.K.  VisaHQ.com’s foresees the possession of key technological advantages within the industry as a vehicle to quickly becoming the leading provider of travel visa solutions within the U.K.

Headquartered on Embassy Row in Washington D.C., and supported by a Canadian-based office in Ottawa and now London, U.K., VisaHQ strives to be regarded as the world-leader within their industry, harnessing the latest technologies and constantly improving choices for travelers seeking unparalleled electronic travel management solutions, embassy and government connections in the U.S. capital. VisaHQ is a registered trademark of VisaHQ.com, Inc.

About VisaHQ.com

VisaHQ.com is a leading online passport and visa services company assisting retail and corporate clients in the United States. Headquartered on Embassy Row in Washington D.C., VisaHQ.com uses cutting-edge online technologies to offer unmatched electronic travel management solutions, unparalleled embassy and government connections in the US capital, as well as access to the world's most comprehensive visa requirements database and the largest Embassy and Consulate online directory for its customers. VisaHQ is a registered trademark of VisaHQ.com, Inc.

For more information about VisaHQ, please visit www.visahq.com or contact us by email: and phone: 202-661-8112.

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