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A visa is undoubtedly the most important document that a traveler needs to enter a foreign country - unless you are from a country that enjoys New Zealand visa exemption.

In 2019, the New Zealand government launched the NZeTA visa through New Zealand visa waiver program. An ETA NZ allows a holder to enter New Zealand without applying for a traditional paper or stamp visa!

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) - An Overview

As of today, more than 60 countries are eligible for New Zealand ETA. All citizens of an ETA visa waiver country can enter New Zealand without a regular visa. An ETA can only be used for tourism, transit, and business purposes.

A New Zealand electronic travel authority is a short-term travel document. The best thing about an ETA is that you can apply for it online. You don't need to visit the New Zealand embassy or schedule a visa interview. Still, an ETA holder enjoys all the rights of a regular New Zealand visa!

Validity Period

Foreign nationals can apply for a tourist electronic travel authority or a business one. Regardless of the ETA type, this travel document stays valid for 2 years.

An ETA is valid for multiple entries and allows a holder to stay in the country for 90 consecutive days. It cannot be extended. If your passport or ETA expires, you'll need to get a new e-visa!

Required Documents

Unlike a traditional visa, you don’t need to fulfill dozens of visa requirements to get an ETA. Instead, all you need is a handful of documents, including:

  • Valid passport - first of all, you must have your original passport with at least 6 months of remining validity and 2 blank pages.

  • E-mail address - your email address will be electronically linked to your passport, and you'll get your approved ETA via email. So, make sure you have a valid and working email address.

  • Photograph - all applicants are required to submit a digital photograph with a white background, preferably taken within the last 6 months.

  • Credit or debit card - you'll need to pay the New Zealand embassy fee and the visa service fee. As this entire process is online, you'll need online payment options, such as a debit or credit card!

Besides these, you might need a few additional documents to apply for an ETA, depending on your passport nationality and the purpose of your visit. So, make sure to visit VisaHQ and check out the New Zealand visa requirements for your country.

Applying For A New Zealand ETA Online

An ETA is nothing if not convenient. You don't need to visit the New Zealand embassy or follow complicated steps. Applying for an ETA is both convenient and fast. You can do the entire process on your own from the comfort of your home.

To get an ETA, you'll need to visit VisaHQ and follow 3 simple steps:

Visa Application From

The first step is to complete the visa application form. This step is quite important. If there are errors or mistakes in your application, your ETA will be delayed or denied. Therefore, pay close attention while filling out the New Zealand ETA visa application form.

For this step, you'll need to provide personal, contact, passport, and travel details, such as:

  • Full name

  • Date of birth

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • Nationality

  • Passport number

  • Passport issue and expiry date

  • Travel plans

You might need to answer a few personal and security questions as well.

Visa Processing Fee

Once you fill out your application form, you can pay the New Zealand ETA fee. As this entire process is online, you'll definitely require online payment options, such as a debit card, credit card, or PayPal account.

ETA Processing Time

The last step is to submit your application form with supporting documents. Afterward, the New Zealand embassy will process your application, which can take a few days.

On average, the processing time of a New Zealand ETA can fall anywhere between 1-3 business days. However, if there are mistakes in your application form, your application will be delayed. Therefore, it's recommended to apply for an ETA at least 2 weeks prior to the intended departure date!

Travel To New Zealand - Entry Requirements

Keep in mind that an ETA does not guarantee your entry to the country. The final decision will be made by the immigration officials. So, make sure you fulfill all the New Zealand entry requirements as well!

To enter New Zealand, applicants usually need three basic documents, including:

  • Valid passport

  • An Electronic Travel Authorization

  • Evidence of onward travel

If you have all these documents, you can enter New Zealand without facing any issues. Furthermore, it is recommended to get a health declaration form or covid-19 vaccination certificate beforehand to avoid self-isolation.

New Zealand Visa Policy

The Immigration Act 2009 is the fundamental law guiding immigration in New Zealand. This Act defines who needs a visa to enter the country and who doesn’t. Under the Immigration Act, a visitor will require a visa unless they are permanent residents or citizens of Australia, citizens of one of the 60 visa exempt countries and territories, and holders of United Nations Laissez passer documents.

Other categories that do not need visas to enter New Zealand are:

  • Citizens who are eligible for visa-free travel under special provisions like visiting service personnel from other countries
  • Cruise ship crews and passengers
  • Aircraft crew

Under the Trans – Tasman travel arrangement, citizens and permanent residents of Australia can also become residents in New Zealand.

The standard practice is for visitors to have valid passports of three months minimum and above for their trip, and they must also show proof that they have sufficient funds to cover their stay. The government has pegged the minimum amount to be NZD 1,000 per month for each visitor without accommodation and NZD 400 monthly if accommodation is already paid for.

Furthermore, they must have the required documents for their next destination.

Still, New Zealand’s visa policy has a special ETA program for nationals from eligible countries, including China. This ETA can be obtained online and is meant for visitors who don’t plan to stay in the country for more than 3 months. Also, they must not seek medical treatment or consultation during their stay.

New Zealand Visa-Free Countries

New Zealand maintains a very active visa exempt list which changes from time to time. All European Union countries are on this list with several others from other continents making up the list. If you are from any of these countries you can enter New Zealand with only your valid ordinary passport and study for 30-90 days depending on your nationality.

However, you should know that such visits are only for leisure and business or transit.

New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority

The government of New Zealand introduced a new travel entry document under its new visa rules called the Electronic Travel Authorization, which is issued to travelers from eligible countries. They must request the ETA before their trip. This document is mandatory for all sea and air travelers and is valid for 2 years. All citizens from eligible nations must hold this document except citizens of Australia and members associated with a scientific expedition under the Antarctica Treaty.

ETA Eligible Countries

Before you can apply for an ETA you should be sure that your country is on the eligibility list as only eligible applicants will be issued this travel authorization. Do well to check the eligibility list before proceeding with your application.

Key Details About New Zealand Electronic Travel Authorization

Apply Early: It is always best to apply for your New Zealand ETA at least 2 weeks before your intended travel date. Although the process takes only three days or less, delays may occur, so applying early is the best policy to avoid hiccups further down the line.

Accurate Information: When applying for ETA, ensure your information is accurate and corresponds with what is on your documents to avoid rejection.

Apply Outside: You must apply for this ETA outside New Zealand before you arrive in the country unless you are eligible for a visa on arrival.

Print The ETA: Once you receive the ETA in your email, make sure you print it out and bring a copy with you on your trip because the immigration officers will request it.

Use The Same Passport: Never travel to New Zealand with a different passport to the one you used for the application. You are supposed to use the same passport for registration and travel. If your current passport will expire soon, apply for a new one before submitting your ETA application.

Understand The Validity Differences: The electronic travel authorization has two different validities so it is possible to confuse them. The standard validity is 2 years but the government offers extended validity of 5 years for visitors coming with cruise ships only.

Proof of Funds: Visitors are advised to have sufficient funds in cash or bank balance before making the trip. At the entry point, the authorities will request proof of funds and the visitor may be denied entry if they cannot show proof that they have enough funds to cover their living expenses. The minimum amount is NZD 400 monthly for visitors with accommodation and NZD 1000 for those without accommodation

New Zealand Visa Online – Get your New Zealand e-Visa with VisaHQ

Did you know you can get a New Zealand online visa using VisaHQ’s application platform? The application process is straightforward; you can simply apply for it from the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to visit New Zealand’s foreign embassy in your country. You can apply for an e-visa through VisaHQ and get it in a few days.

How To Obtain New Zealand ETA on VisaHQ

To apply for New Zealand ETA, you only need to take a few steps.

Our online application process is easier than ever before. Just follow these steps:

Fill The Form: Select the ETA you want and carefully fill out the application form. After you are done, check for errors to be sure there are no mistakes, then proceed to the next phase.

Upload The Required Documents: Each ETA has unique requirements, so arrange all the documents you need and upload one after the other. Note that submitting fake or invalid documents is enough grounds for rejection.

Get The ETA: Submit the ETA and wait a few days to get it. The ETA will be forwarded to your email if your application is approved. Make sure to travel to New Zealand with a printed copy of this ETA.

Why Use VisaHQ?

There are more than a few online visa application platforms but only a few of them can match the efficiency offered by VisaHQ. With a wide network of experts with proven experience when it comes to travel document applications, we simplify the process for all our clientele and greatly improve their chances of landing the visa.

You should consider using VisaHQ for the following reasons:

  • Fast and seamless application process
  • Apply for as many visas as you want at once
  • Our platform uses advanced data protection software
  • We have a presence in 6 countries and have offices in 20 locations
  • We offer 24/7 technical support should you need any help
  • First-class customer service that is always available to guide you

Please navigate to our application page to get started.


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