How long does Morocco visa take

How long does Morocco Visa take? If you were to apply for a visa to Morocco today, you will not get it immediately but will have to wait a few days to get it. How long will it take before the Morocco tourist visa is handed over to you? For starters, it will depend on the type of visa in question; some visas take longer to process than others.

The average Moroccan Visa takes about 10 working days to process, while others take up to 30 working days. If additional documents are required or a detailed interview is requested by the embassy, you will have to wait for a much longer time.

Causes of Delays

Your visa may take a long time to process for many reasons, and we review some of the causes below.

Additional Information: One of the reasons your visa may take much longer is if the embassy requests additional information or documents before they can process your application. The number of days before you can provide those documents will eat into the processing time.

Type of Visa: The type of visa you are applying for also matters, as some visas require more information and processing than others. For instance, Moroccan e-visas take only a few days to process, unlike conventional visas, because e-visas don’t need a physical interview at the embassy or the submission of physical documents.

Wrong Information/documents: If you provide the wrong information or documents, the embassy will be unable to process your application. In such a scenario, they will have only two options, to request the right information or documents or to reject your application outrightly. That is why applicants are advised to be mindful of the documents or information they present.

Visa Policy: Another reason your visa may take longer is if there is a change in Visa policy when you are applying for the visa. A policy change will result in the embassy requesting more data, or they may even ask you to re-apply by filling out a new application form though this rarely happens.

Your visa may take a little longer, and the above factors may affect processing. Above all, ensure that you only provide valid information, so your application is not rejected by the embassy.

Morocco Visa Eligibility

You must meet certain eligibility conditions to qualify for a visa to Morocco. Note that eligibility criteria are not the same as visa requirements. These criteria vary from visa to visa, but we review the basic ones.

  • You must be clear about the purpose of your visit, and the visa you apply for must align with that purpose

  • If you are invited by someone in Morocco, you must submit an invitation letter to that effect

  • You must meet all the health requirements of the kingdom of Morocco

  • You must be fit enough to make the trip and show evidence of a medical test

  • You must prove your financial capacity to make the trip

  • You must be of good character with no history of criminal convictions

  • Your passport must be valid

Morocco Visa Requirements

Now that you know the eligibility conditions, let us review the requirements.

Passport: You must present a valid passport for the visa. The validity must exceed the period of your stay in Morocco, and that means on the day you plan to depart, your passport must still be valid.

House Address Proof: You must submit an ID card to prove your address.

Photograph: A recent photograph taken not too long ago. The photograph must be printed on a white background and meet the 4cm x3cm size dimension.

Statement: A Financial statement proving your financial capacity to fund your trip. If you have a sponsor, the sponsor must provide their financial statement.

Return Ticket: A reserved return ticket for the trip back to your country after you are done with your time in Morocco.

Travel Insurance: Travel medical insurance to cover any medical expenses you may incur during your visit

Application Form: A completed visa application form duly signed by you and bearing all your details.

Fee: A visa fee for document processing

Morocco E Visa

Some foreign nationals are eligible for an e-visa if they want to stay for only a short time. If you qualify for it, you can fill it out online. Here are the steps to take

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Choose Morocco as your destination

  • Choose your country

  • Select e Visa

  • Fill out the form

  • Submit your documents by uploading them

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for processing

How long does Morocco Visa take if you apply for an online e visa? The process takes a day or two, and the visa will be forwarded to your email.

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