Can I enter Moldova with schengen visa

Can I enter Moldova with Schengen visa? This is one question many travelers from non-European Union countries to Moldova ask. This is because Moldova does not belong to the Schengen area, even though it is part of Europe. Secondly, Schengen visas grant access to all Schengen countries, all of which are in Europe, so would you need a valid visa to enter Moldova? This article addresses this issue, so keep reading to learn more.

Can I Enter Moldova With A Schengen Visa?

Although Moldova is not a member of the Schengen union, holders of this visa don’t need to apply for a Moldovan visa to enter the country. This tourist visa grants you visa-free access to Moldova, and you can stay for a short time before leaving and continuing your trip. Furthermore, if you are from a visa-free country, you don’t even need a visa at all; all you will need is your ID card or passport, and you are good to go.  

Countries With Visa-Free Access

Citizens from countries with visa-free access can enter Moldova and stay for up to 90 days within a six months period. During this period, they must not partake in any work or stay longer than the approved period. Citizens from Schengen countries and microstates, including a few other non-EU countries, fall into this category.

Traveling To Moldova

Moldova is an Eastern European country that was once a satellite state of the Soviet Union. The county became an independent state along with many other Soviet states of old, and it shares a common border with Ukraine and a few other states. Moldova is a middle income country and is blessed with forests, beautiful lakes, and vineyards. Every year, more than two million people visit the country as temporary visitors, most of whom are tourists. Moldova has a small population of 2.5 million that is still growing in number. Despite being a former satellite state, it maintains a close relationship with the West than the East.

Moldovan Visa

As we have pointed out above, any foreigner from a non visa exempt country must submit a visa at the entry point to enter Moldova, but Schengen visa holders don’t require visas. There are different visa types, and we review them below.

E Visa: The Moldovan government introduced an electronic visa in 2015 to fast track visa applications for foreigners coming to Moldova for a short time. The visa is easy to obtain, and applicants do not have to visit an embassy or visa application center to submit their documents. They can complete the application form and submit their documents online using their mobile phone or computer, and the visa will be forwarded to their email when it is ready. There are two types of e-visas, namely transit Type A visas for international travelers switching flights and Type B transit visa for those who wish to stay in Moldova for up to 5 days before continuing their journey.

Short Stay Visa: Also called the Type C Visa, a short stay visa is solely for tourism. It allows the holder to stay in Moldova for up to 90 days and is valid for 180 days. You can also use a Type C visa to visit family and friends.

Business Visa: Moldova is still an emerging economy, so the government is doing all that it can you attract foreign direct investment and talent into the country. Business visas are for business-related engagements.

Medical Treatment Visa: It is also called a short-stay visa for medical treatment. Individuals in need of medical care may apply for this visa, but they must show that documents.

Student Visa: International students admitted into academic institutions to study courses that will last more than three months are issued this visa. The visa lasts for 3 years or more, depending on the duration of the course.

Long Stay Visa: A Type D long-stay visa is issued for different purposes like study, investment, research, family visits, and lots more. As the name implies, you can stay in Moldova for more than 90 days with this visa. After spending a significant time in the country, you may apply for a permanent resident permit.

Employment Visa

Those who have been employed by an organization in Moldova cannot enter the country to work without obtaining this visa first, and it grants the holder the permit to work legally in the country.

Visa Requirements

  • A valid passport that will not expire during your Stay

  • Completed application form

  • Flight ticket reservation

  • Hotel reservation

  • Proof of funds

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa fee

The visa fee is not the same for all visas, as different visas attract different fees. Can I enter Moldova with Schengen visa? Of course, you can, but if you don’t have one, apply for a Moldovan visa.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
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