Maldives work visa processing time

Maldives is famous for its pretty beaches and is a country many visitors worldwide visit yearly! The country has a range of natural scenic attractions, making it a hit among travelers.

However, not everybody goes to the Maldives for tourism or leisure. Rather, some people might want to pursue employment opportunities in Maldives. Therefore, if any foreign national hopes to visit Maldives and get work there, they must first get hold of the work permit and work visa.

Hence, this article discusses work visas, its requirements, processing time, and how you can acquire it!

What is a Maldives Work Visa?

A Maldives work visa is a permit that allows individuals to work in the Maldives. With a Maldives work visa, foreign nationals can come to Maldives and indulge in employment opportunities.

The Maldives work visa can be used to stay in the Maldives for employment purposes.

To get the Maldives work visa, you must have a work permit issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.

If you travel to Maldives, you will be given 15 days from arrival. And to get this pre period, you must have a valid work permit issued, and the work permit should not exceed 90 days starting from the date it has been issued.

It would be best if you remembered that the work visa is different from the Maldives business visa. The business visa does not facilitate employment opportunities but only enables an individual to attend business activities.

Why Do Individuals Need a Work Permit?

A work permit is a document through which you can work in another country. This legal document permits your stay for employment purposes in another country and saves you from additional trouble at the time of immigration. You can secure this from the Maldives immigration.

What is the Processing Time for the Maldives Work Visa?

The processing time for the visa is about 3 days. Once you submit your application and all the relevant documents, the visa office will take about 3 days to complete the visa process, and you will be told when your visa is ready.

Therefore, keeping the processing time in mind, you must apply for a Maldives work visa.

What Can Affect the Processing Time of a Maldives Work Visa?

The processing time of the work visa can be affected due to certain factors. The processing time can differ depending on the Embassy or visa application center you apply to. Moreover, the processing time of the visa can be increased if you do not fill out the form correctly or if you do not provide inaccurate information.

Due to your citizenship, your application may require additional documents or clearances, affecting the processing time.

What are the Work Visa Requirements?

The visa requirements are set by Maldives immigration. The requirements for the work visa process include providing a copy of the passport bio data page. Moreover, the passport from which you provide the bio data page copy should be valid for at least a year. You must also provide the passport photo and the work visa application.

Moreover, it would be best to have a work permit, and it should not exceed 90 days from arrival. Moreover, as you are supposed to provide your original passport, ensure that it is the same passport you mentioned in the work permit.

You also need to submit a yellow fever vaccination certificate. However, this needs to be submitted by the citizens of certain countries only. Therefore, check if you belong to any of those countries first; otherwise, you don't need to provide the yellow fever vaccination certificate.

You must also make a traveler health declaration 48 hours before traveling to Maldives.

To acquire this Maldives visa, you must also complete the medical check-up, which needs to be done through a reliable and approved hospital. It would be best to have health insurance that is enough to cover any emergencies while you stay in Maldives with a work visa.

Most importantly, to get a work visa, you must provide an employment approval certificate or letter proving that any organization has hired you.

How to Apply for the Maldives Work Visa?

You can apply for a Maldives work visa through the Maldives Embassy. Or you could apply for the visa online. The online work visa service is more convenient, and you can apply according to your feasibility.

VisaHQ provides a visa service. Therefore, you can visit their website and learn more about the visa policies of different countries. To get the Maldives work visa, choose the destination as the Maldives, choose your home country, select your visa type as a work visa, and then read through the requirements.

The next step would be to fill out the Maldives work visa application form. And then, submit the required documents and pay the work visa fee. According to the stated processing time, you will receive your visa. VisaHQ is a great alternative to filling out the visa application details rather than going to the Embassy.

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