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Would you like to visit one of the most dynamic countries in Europe? Luxembourg is perhaps one of the most fascinating countries on the continent, and foreign nationals can visit if they have a visa Schengen Luxembourg.  In this post, we briefly explore Luxembourg and the visa requirements for all travelers planning to visit the small but enticing nation in Western Europe.


Luxembourg may be a small country, but it is one of the four official capitals of the European Union. Its small landmass is sandwiched between Germany, France, and Belgium, and the population is a little above 600,000 inhabitants, half of whom are foreigners. The official language of Luxembourg is German and French, so a significant portion of the population is Multilingual.

Luxembourg is one of the original five borderless countries in Europe after it joined four other nations to sign the historic Schengen treaty of 1985. In 1995 the treaty was ratified, and new members joined the Schengen Area and embraced the borderless initiative. Luxembourg City's capital is the European Union Court of Justice seat and is also home to many international organizations and financial institutions.

The country has amazing landscapes and world-class Infrastructure. It is also one of the richest nations on earth with one of the highest GDPs per Capita. Luxembourg citizens also enjoy a high living standard only a few other foreign citizens can dream of. Recently, the number of visitors coming to the country as a tourist has quadrupled because it is scenic and safe.

Luxembourg Schengen Visa

The government of Luxembourg is one of 26 countries in Europe to issue Schengen visas to foreign nationals. The visa is valid for 180 days and is mainly for short visits. Holders of this visa can stay in the country for 90 days maximum. Furthermore, they can visit any other Schengen country with valid visas, but they must enter Luxembourg first.

If you want to visit as a tourist, attend a business meeting, cultural or sporting event, or any other short-term social engagement, you can use a Schengen visa. Business persons and investors coming for meetings can also use this Luxembourg visa to enter the country.

Do Visitors Need A Schengen Visa?

Not everyone needs a Schengen visa to enter Luxembourg; the visa is only required for

  • Foreigners who are not from Schengen countries

  • Foreigners not from countries on Luxembourg's visa-free list

You need the visa if you are not from a Schengen nation or a visa-free country. But note that citizens from visa-free countries who wish to stay in Luxembourg for more than 90 days will have to apply for long-term visas.

How Do I Apply For A Visa Schengen Luxembourg?

To apply for a Schengen visa for Luxembourg, you will need to book a visa appointment with an embassy or a visa application agent in your country. Check to see if there is an embassy in your country; if there isn't, find out which accredited agent is the official visa application center for the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Once you know the location, book a visa appointment with them via phone, email, or any other applicable procedure. You will be given an interview date, so show up on the due date with your documents.

How Long Before My Visa Is Out?

Schengen visas take at least 15 calendar days before they are released, but if you apply via a visa center, you may have to wait much longer. Furthermore, visa application volume increases during certain times of the year, especially during the summer and Christmas holidays. During peak periods, visas take a long time before they are ready. To be safe, consider applying for the visa at least 2 months before your trip.

Luxembourg Schengen Visa Application Fee

The application fee for a Schengen visa varies depending on the applicant's age. Applicants aged 12 and above pay €80 for processing, while those between 6-11 must attach €40 visa fees to their application. There are no fees for minors under 6 years of age.

What Do I Need To Get This Visa?

At the visa interview, the officer will request the following documents. Ensure you only present valid documents; otherwise, your application will be rejected. Here are the basic Schengen Luxembourg visa requirements.

  • A signed and completed visa application form was correctly filled

  • An original valid passport for at least three months from the departure date must have a minimum of two blank pages and should not be older than 10 years

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Proof of funds

  • Medical travel insurance with a minimum of €30,000 cover

  • Round trip itinerary

  • Cover letter

  • Proof of Civil Status where applicable

  • Visa fee

Original and photocopies of this visa Schengen Luxembourg should be submitted to the visa official for processing.

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