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Have you been to Kuwait in recent times, or do you plan to visit the Middle Eastern Kingdom on business in the nearest future? You will need a Kuwait business visa. Kuwait is one of the Gulf Cooperation Council states which includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and a few others. The country keeps evolving and steadily attracts visitors looking to invest in the Middle East. If you want to visit Kuwait for business activities , read this blog post until the end.

Kuwait At A Glance

Kuwait is a Gulf kingdom ruled by an emir and a member of the GCC. Like all countries in the region, it is rich in petroleum and gas deposits, which makes it one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Despite having significant petroleum reserves, Kuwait has been able to diversify its economy with a focus on the financial sector. Over the past decade, the country has developed this sector to the point that it has arguably the most advanced financial services sector of all the GCC countries.

This move alone has made it less dependent on oil and less susceptible to oil shocks. Besides the advanced petroleum and financial services sector, Kuwait has other advanced sectors brimming with opportunities investors can exploit for profit. The tourism sector is one of them, and so are food processing and water purification. All these sectors present economic opportunities to citizens and investors.

What Is A Kuwait Business Visa?

A Kuwait business visa is a travel document issued by Kuwait to business visitors to access the country. Also called a business permit allows the visitor to enter and stay for up to 30 days, and it is valid for 90 days before the expiration date. This visa is issued chiefly as a single-entry visa but can be issued as a multiple entry visa if the ministry of defense sponsors the visa. There is also a visa-on-arrival program for citizens of selected countries too.


How To Apply For A Business Visa To Kuwait?

Kuwait has very few missions in other countries, so most of the visas issued to visitors are online. To avail of this visa, you must download and fill out the application form online and submit it with your documents online for approval. The visa will be sent to your email if your application is successful.

Here is how to apply online

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Kuwait as your destination

  • Choose your country of citizenship

  • Select Business Visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach travel documents

  • Pay the visa application fee

  • Submit for approval

The online application process is only open to nationals from selected countries, so if citizens from your country are not eligible for online applications, you will have t visit the embassy or designated visa application center with the form and all documents to apply the traditional way to enter Kuwait.

Apply Through A Sponsor

Aside from the online and embassy applications, another option is to apply for the visa through a sponsor. A sponsor can apply for a visa there in Kuwait but will require your details and passport. If you choose this route, ensure that your documents are in order, so your application is not rejected. If it is, your passport will be marked. Note that you will not qualify for a work permit since permits are only given to those with work visas.

Kuwait Business Visa Eligibility

A business visa is only issued to persons that qualify for it. Here are the conditions you must meet

  • The Passport must be valid for at least 6 months

  • You need a company or sponsor in Kuwait

  • The purpose of the trip must be for business reasons

  • You must have an invitation letter stating the purpose of your trip


How To Conduct Yourself In Kuwait?

Kuwait is a deeply religious country with conservative beliefs, so you are advised to respect the laws and not run into trouble. When you are in the country, ensure your travel documents are with you when you leave your hotel room.

Secondly, do not stay beyond the approved days. Every day you overstay attracts a fine of 10 KD. Original visas are issued to visitors at the airport, so ensure the visa is part of the documents you move around with.

You are not allowed to engage in paid work during your stay, as this will be a violation.

Kuwait Business Visa

Passport: A valid passport that will not expire in the next six months

Photograph: Two recent passport photographs with q white background

Letter: A cover letter issued by your company or written and signed by you explaining the purpose of the trip.

Flight Ticket: Confirmer flight tickets reservation for the two-way trip.

Employment Proof: Proof of employment for those who are self-employed.

Invitation Letter: An Invitation letter from the Sponsor in Kuwait

  Business Visa Processing Time

Once you submit your visa information and application, the process will take 10 days before it is ready. However, it may take longer due to several factors, such as the volume of applications handled by the embassy or whether the visa application is for a single, double, or multiple-entry Kuwait business visa.

Kuwait Visa Policy

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern kingdom that attracts millions of visitors per annum, most of whom visit with valid visas. According to the current visa policy of the country, most visitors must get visas before they are allowed into the country unless they are from visa-exempt countries or eligible for a visa on arrival. 

Furthermore, they must have a passport that will stay valid for the next 6 months, but this requirement is not mandatory for citizens from GCC countries.

Kuwait Visa Exemption

Kuwait Visa-free countries that make the exemption list are fellow Gulf Cooperation Council countries whose citizens can visit without visas and passports, only ID cards. They are

  • Bahrain – Qatar – Oman – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia

Only citizens from these countries can enter Kuwait without visas. If you are not a citizen of any of the above GCC countries you will need to apply to a Kuwait foreign office for a visa.

Note: Visa policies change periodically so some more countries may be added to the list visa exempt list in future.

Diplomatic/Official Passport Visa Free Entry

Holders of official or diplomatic passports issued by the selected countries can enter Kuwait to perform official assignments on behalf of their government or for private organizations or NGOs.

Visa On Arrival/e Visa

Kuwait’s visa-on-arrival policy is designed for visitors from selected countries who will get visas once they arrive at the airport. These visitors only need to hold valid passports issued by their home government.  Once they arrive at Kuwait International Airport, the immigration officers at the arrival terminal will issue them a visa on arrival form to fill and will exchange the form with a valid visa. Holders of this visa can enter and stay in Kuwait for 30-90 days depending on their nationality.

Note: Citizens of Israel are banned from entering or traveling through Kuwait. This ban may be dropped at some point if both countries establish diplomatic relations in future but for now, persons with Israeli passports are not allowed into the Kingdom of Kuwait unless they are special envoys of the Israeli government.

Key Information About The Kuwait e Visa

There are a few things to bear in mind before applying for this visa, and we discuss them below.

Use Approved Routes: Although the visa allows for entry into Kuwait, you must use the approved routes. For instance, transit visitors can only enter and exit Kuwait through the airport. If you use an unapproved route, you may be denied entry.

Not For Resident or Work: This visa is not for work or permanent residency. The government allows foreign nationals who meet certain qualifications to work or settle in the country, but this is only possible if they have a work or residency visa. 

While an e-visa cannot qualify you for both, you can apply to the Kuwait embassy or consulate near you to get the visa. If you have secured a job in the country, your new employer can also help you with the process.

Valid Passport: Before you apply, make sure your passport meets the required conditions of 6 months. When evaluating your passport, you must count six months from the day you apply for the visa. If your passport will expire sooner, consider getting a new one before you apply. You should also travel with the same passport, not a different one, as the visa is linked.

Obey The Laws And Respect The Culture: Kuwait is a strictly conservative society founded on Islamic values, which may be odd for foreigners who are not from Muslim-majority countries. During your time in the country, make sure you respect the local culture and traditions at all times. Alcohol consumption in public is banned, and drug trafficking attracts capital punishment. 

To better prepare yourself for the trip, you want to learn a thing or two about the culture and traditions of the people.

Traveling With Minors: If you are traveling with minors, you will need to submit additional documents to prove that you are the parent or legal guardian. Parents must provide original copies of birth certificates, while guardians must provide proof of parental consent in the form of a notarized letter.

Non-Refundable Fee: The application fee for the visa is payable with your credit or debit card, not with cash. Also important to note is that this fee is not refundable and does not guarantee that your visa application will be approved. The fee is only meant for processing and nothing else.

Immigration Officers: The immigration officers at the entry port will ask to see your documents and will also demand answers as to why you wish to visit Kuwait. Make sure you answer honestly and clearly, as they have the right to deny visitors entry even if they hold visas.

Kuwait Visa Online – Get your Kuwait e-Visa with VisaHQ

If you are planning a short trip to Kuwait, you don’t have to visit the embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa if you are eligible for an electronic visa. VisaHQ offers you the opportunity to apply online and get your application approved within a few days. You can apply for it from the comfort of your home using our secure platform.

How To Apply For A Visa With VisaHQ

If you want to apply for a visa for Kuwait with VisaHQ, you will need to do the following.

Complete The Application Form: The first thing you must do is complete the application form on the website. You must choose the visa you want, then take your time to carefully fill out the sections. 

You must provide your full name as they appear on your passport, your passport information like the number, issue, expiry date, and travel information, including your entry and departure date.

Attach The Documents: You must upload copies of your documents. Bear in mind that the authorities will review each one, so make sure they are valid and match the information on the application form. Also, note that only valid and correct documents will be accepted. Once you are done with the form, submit it for processing.

Get Your e-Visa: In 3 days or less, the e-visa will be ready and forwarded to your email if you meet the requirements. Open your email and print out the visa for your trip. Although it is already linked to your passport, it is safe to travel with it in case of emergencies.

Why Use VisaHQ?

VisaHQ is a trusted online platform for visa applicants, and for years, many have used our resources to forward their documents to authorities for visa approvals, and you can do the same. Our application process is very easy, and you can do it yourself instead of relying on middlemen to help you. We have an extensive network of experts in six countries and across two continents who are willing to provide you with the support you need to expedite your application.

When you choose VisaHQ, you get the following.

  • Speedy application approval
  • Technical support
  • Safe and secure application
  • Save your documents for reuse in future
  • Apply for multiple applications
  • Track your Application Status

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