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Schengen visa - travel document that allows a person to enter the Schengen zone for a designated period of time.

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Italy business visa application, requirements, price, and processing time

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The world’s seventh-largest economy, the Republic of Italy, is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are planning a business trip to Italy, then you will have to apply for a short-stay visa which allows you to stay in Italy with 90 days. A stay here for more than 90 days will require a residence permit.

The short-stay visa is also known as the Schengen visa. This visa is valid in all the European countries which are part of the Schengen agreement. Italy is part of Schengen agreement. With a Schengen visa you can travel to and stay in Italy and all the other 26 Schengen countries.

Italy Business Visa Requirements

Foreign nationals have to provide several documents when they submit their Italy visa application. A lot of the required documents depend on the purpose of travel. For example, if you apply for a business visa you may need a few different documents than if you were applying for a tourist visa.

The requirements may also vary from country to country, and Italian authorities reserve the right to ask for any additional documents as they see fit. However, there are still a standard set of documents everyone has to have.

The requirements for an Italy visa are as follows:

  • Italian visa application form.

  • Valid passport/travel document.

  • Pictures.

  • Civil status documents.

  • Copies of previous visas.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Proof of travel.

  • Proof of accommodation.

  • Proof of sufficient financial means.

  • Cover letter.

  • Documents based on employment status.

  • Visa fees.

  • Any additional documents for minors.

  • Any additional documents based on the purpose of entry.

Italian Business Visa Fees

The Italy business visa has various types. It can be single entry or multiple entry with validity of Italian business visa of up to 90 days. The visa fee for this type of Italian business visa is $35.40. For long term Italian business visa application, the validity is from 91 days to a year and the visa fee for this type of Italy business visa is around $117.20.

Italian Business Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the release of the Italian business visa is usually around 10- 15 working days, but it varies according to the issuing authority.

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Italy Visa Policy

The Italian government operates a continental visa policy like many other European countries that are part of the wider Schengen Area. This visa policy also applies to other European countries that are members of the EFTA, but this loss excludes Ireland, which has opted out as it has decided to practice an independent visa policy. The Schengen policy practiced by Italy determines the nationals who can enter Italy without a visa. For those requiring visas, a Schengen visa is one of the visas Italy issues under approved Schengen protocols.

This visa allows holders to enter Italy and other countries by land, air, or sea. Furthermore, some foreign nationals don’t need visas to enter Italy as they qualify for visa exemptions. In contrast, other nationals require a visa on arrival or must visit the embassy to get the visa.

Currently, 23 EU countries share the same visa policy as Italy, 23 of them (Italy inclusive) as Schengen states, while the others are non-EU States—namely Romania, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Bulgaria. The list is completed with Switzerland, Cyprus, and Norway.

Italy Visa Policy Clauses

Under Italy’s visa policy, visitors from more than 90 territories and countries do not need visas to stay in Italy for short visits. They don’t need visas if they are coming for business, tourism, or transit in some cases and are free to move about the Passport free zones. However, these travelers will need to obtain a visa waiver approval online called an Electronic Travel Authorization and Information System online, which allows them to legally enter Italy and the Schengen Area.

The Schengen visa is issued by the Italian embassy, and it can also be used to enter many EU countries, which are Schengen and non-Schengen states, but you must apply for it at least 6 months before the day to travel.

Italy Visa Free Countries 

The Italian government keeps an updated list of visa free countries.  Citizens from enlisted countries can visit Italy without visas for leisure, business or transit travelers. This list is not updated in isolation but done in conjunction with other Schengen countries who are co-signatories to the Schengen Agreement.

As a national from a country on the visa waiver list you can enter Italy without holding a visa but you still still need an online travel authorization permit called ETIAS.

Italy ETIAS 

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is a new vetting program launched by the European Commission to protect member states from illegal migration, terrorist threats and health risks. This program is designed for foreigners who are citizens of visa free countries.  Before the introduction of ETIAS all a visa free visitor needed to do was have a valid passport and they could visit Italy or any other EU country of their choice for 90 days.

Now, all that has changed with the introduction of ETIAS. Eligible visitors may enter the country without visas but they must apply for ETIAS approval and get it online before making the trip.  This document simply validates the visitor as not being a security threat.  It takes only some minutes to progress and the applicant will get it on the same day.

The application form has sections for passport, itinerary and personal information. There are also a set of security questions the applicant has to answer to complete your application. There is also an application fee which must be paid using a debit or credit card before it is submitted for processing.  Successful applicants will receive their ETIAS in their email while unsuccessful applications are grouped into two categories.

One group is the applications that fail to pass security protocols after the data trigger security alerts. These applications are rejected outright. The other group are those with inconclusive results. If your application falls into this category the system will forward your data to the local ETIAS unit for further vetting which may take a few weeks. Persons with rejected applications may apply for it in future and be successful and there is no limit to the number of times one can apply for it.

ETIAS is valid for 3 years and is a multiple entry permit.

Eligible visa free visitors can also use ETIAS to visit other Schengen countries, including Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria, without visas for 90 days in 6 months.

Italy Visa Online – Get your Italy e-Visa with VisaHQ

Traveling to Italy just got easier with an online visa why VisaHQ can help you facilitate. You may wonder if it is possible to travel to Italy without visiting the embassy for a visa, but it is, and many people do that every year if their nationality qualifies them for an electronic visa. You, too, can do the same, and VisaHQ is one platform you can rely on.

How To Apply For ETIAS With VisaHQ?

If you wish to visit Italy from a visa-exempt country, here are the steps to apply for this Schengen travel approval.

Fill The Form: Fill out the ETIAS application form with accurate details as they appear on your documents. Please make sure there are no errors, as they may disqualify you.

Attach the required documents: You must attach a scanned copy of your Passport and any other relevant document you may need based on the type of ETIAS you are applying for.

Submit the form and get your approval: After paying the application fee with your credit or debit card, submit for approval. The process takes only a few minutes, and if you meet all the conditions, the ETIAS will be forwarded to you.

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