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An Israel business visa is granted to business visitors to Israel for business purposes. This visa is a short visit visa with a brief validity period. If you are looking to invest in Israel, have an upcoming business conference, or want to visit suppliers or partners, this is the visa to apply for.


The Israel B/2 Visa

The business visa in Israel is also called a B/2 visa and a short-stay visa. This visa is not a work visa for commercial activities that will not earn direct visitor payment for services rendered. Due to the flexible nature of the visa, it can also be used for tourism or family visits, but it is mainly for business trips. This visa is valid for three months, and the validity starts counting from the day it is issued. It is also extendable for a few more months, but the visitor must have valid reasons for seeking an extension.

This extension is done at the administrative offices of Israel’s Ministry of the Interior, and once it is approved, the visitor can remain in the country for a few more months to conclude their business. You should also know that the number of days one can stay in Israel is not cast in stone but initially decided by the border police, which may be just for a few days to a few weeks.

Who Needs An Israel Business Visa?

This business visa is required for those who are not exempt from holding a B/2 visa to enter Israel. Israel, like most countries, has their visa-exempt list, which is a special list of countries whose citizens do not need visas to enter the country. So whether you need a visa or not is dependent on your nationality. If you don’t come from a country on the visa-exempt list, you definitely need a visa, but if you do, you don’t need a business visa to enter the country to pursue your commercial interest.

When To Submit Your Application?

You should submit your application for this visa at least 1 month before the day you plan to travel. If you can do it 2 months before your trip, please do so. The last thing you want is the visa issue to come days or weeks after your planned trip.

Where Can You Obtain An Israel Business Visa?

You can obtain an Israel business visa at the Israeli embassy in your country. Submitting your documents at the embassy or consulate is a prerequisite for obtaining this visa. Fortunately for visitors, Israel has an extensive collection of foreign missions in most countries, and in countries where they don’t have missions, they outsource it to third-party application centers. Submit your application to the visa application center licensed by the Israeli authorities.


Israel Business Visa Requirements

You will need to submit these documents to the consulate, embassy, or visa center to get this visa.

Form: You need a completed and signed visa application form bearing your personal details. Forma that are incorrectly filled will be rejected.

Flight Reservation: A copy of a flight reservation showing the arrival and departure dates. You will need reservations for the two-way trip to and from Israel.

Proof of Accommodation: Proof of accommodation lies in a hotel reservation or a confirmed house address in Israel where you will stay.

Passport: A passport that will remain valid beyond your stay in the country. The standard is for the passport to have a minimum of six months of validity. If you stay for more than six months, the passport must have more than a year of validity.

Photos: Two passport photographs taken recently.

Health Insurance: A health insurance policy for international trips

Employer Letter: Employed travelers must submit a letter issued by their employer stating their position and guarantee that you will continue to work with them.

Visa Fee: A visa fee for document processing must be paid

Aside from these documents, note that extra documents may be required by the embassy depending on your nationality, occupation status, and the purpose of the trip.  

These documents should be arranged in a file and brought to the embassy on the day of your visa interview. Apart from the documents which will be taken from you, the embassy official will ask you relevant questions concerning your trip—endeavor to answer the questions as confidently and honestly as possible.

When preparing for a trip to Israel and you have already been issued an Israel business visa, ensure you don’t overstay. Visitors who overstay will be fined before they are allowed to leave the country or may be deported and not allowed to return in the future. Bear this in mind and set a reminder once you set foot on Israeli soil, so you don’t violate the immigration laws.

Israel Visa Policy

The Israeli government has a visa policy that regulates the issuing of visas and the requirements for visitors to obtain one. As a foreign national planning a trip to Israel, you will most likely need a visa unless you are from a visa-exempt country. Israeli nationals issue visas to applicants through their diplomatic missions abroad or, more recently, through online platforms. However, only applicants with passports valid for at least 6 months and other documents can qualify for visas.

Israel Visa Exemption

There is a visa exemption set of countries whose citizens can enter Israel without visas, and these visitors can stay for up to 3 months without visas. If you are from a visa exempt country you automatically qualify for visa waiver so you can visit Israel for tourism without visas. Visa exempt visitors may also visit for business or to visit relatives or even to transit through Israel to another country but they are Ineligible for work.

There are also some exemptions given to certain nationalities with limited protocols like Egyptian nationals who can stay for up to 14 Days if they visit Beersheba through the Taba Border only, while citizens of the Palestinian Authority can obtain their visa on arrival if they wish to pass through Israeli territory on their way to Palestine.

To decide whether you need a visa for Israel, consult the updates visa exempt lost to be sure.

Israel E Visa

The electronic visa of Israel was introduced to reduce congestion and waiting times for visas at Israeli foreign missions. The e-visa Program was launched in late 2022 and has been in force ever since. Many of the countries that do not make the visa-exempt list are on e-visa list of eligible countries, so if your country is one of them, you can apply for it.

An electronic visa is issued to successful applicants electronically so they don't have to visit an Israeli foreign mission office to get it.  All they must do is to complete an online application form using their smartphones or computers, attach the necessary documents, pay the e visa application fee and submit for approval. Approval takes a few days after which the visa will be forwarded to the applicant's email address. With this visa they can travel to Israel for tourism, family visits, business and transit.

Holders of e visas can stay in Israel for up to 90 days and the documents become active the moment it is approved. Overall, your e visa will expire exactly 3 months after it is approved and released to you so you must use it as soon as you get it.

Only persons from eligible countries may apply for electronic visas.  If you are not from an eligible country or you wish to visit Israel for some other reason besides the ones approved for holders you should visit the nearest Israeli foreign mission office to apply for a consular visa that meets your needs.

Key Details About Israel e Visa

Before you decide to apply for an e-visa to Israel, here are some important details to bear in mind.

Use Approved Routes: It is important to use the approved routes for e-visa visitors when traveling to Israel. Although many routes exist to enter and exit the country, using unapproved routes will lead to entry denial. If you are traveling by air, only the three airports and two border routes listed above should be used.

Use The Same Passport: Your e-visa is linked to your passport, so make sure you only use the same one for your trip. When you arrive at the airport, the immigration officers will check your passport and match it with the one they have in their system; if it is different, they will deny you entry.

The e-Visa Expires When The Passport Expires: Although e-visas expire after three months of issue, it is possible for yours to expire sooner if your passport expires before then. To be on the safe side, consider applying for a new passport if yours will expire in less than 6 months in line with the requirements.

Not For Employment: Bear in mind that your e-visa is not an employment visa but is issued strictly for tourism, business, and transit. If you wish to work in Israel, you should apply for a work visa at the embassy in your country.

Cover Letter: For a business transit visa, you must provide information about your host and business activities. Cover letters must be signed by you and contain your business history, the purpose of your trip, places of interest you plan to visit, how long you plan to stay, and your entry and exit dates. These dates must match what is on your visa.

Apply Outside Israel: You can only apply for this visa outside Israel not while you are in the country. Like any other visa this document is an entry document for foreigners who are outside the country; even if you are in the country on a valid visa and you wish to apply for a new one you must exit first before doing so.

Travel With A Physical Copy: Make sure you print out your electronic visa in paper form and travel with it. Although the immigration officers on duty will be able to generate your visa using your biometric details, holding a physical copy can save you a lot of trouble if there is a need to prove that you are in the country legally.

Pay The Application Fee Before Your Submit The Form: There is an application fee attached to the entire process which must be paid for before you can submit it for approval. This fee is payable online but not with cash. You can pay it with your credit or debit card.

Don't Overstay: Your evisa expires 90 days after it is issued so you must not stay a day longer; if you do you will be sanctioned by the Israeli government for being an illegal resident in the country.

Israel Visa Online – Get your Israel e-Visa with VisaHQ

Applying for an online visa is open to o visitors from selected countries, so if you are eligible for it, you too can get one without the need to visit the Israeli embassy in your country. VisaHQ is a platform where you can fill out and submit your e-visa application to the authorities and get it approved.

How To obtain A Visa With VisaHQ

If you wish to obtain a visa with VisaHQ, you should endeavor to do the following.

Fill The Form: The application form is available on our platform; all you have to do is fill it out. Before then, you should pick one tourist, transit, or business visa. 

Be careful when completing the form to avoid mistakes. Also, note that the data you provide must match what is on your documents.

Attach the Travel Documents: The next stage is to attach the required travel documents. This will include a copy of your scanned passport bio page, flight ticket reservation, hotel booking, and more. Only valid documents will be accepted by the authorities. After you’re done, crosscheck for errors and correct them. If you find any, then submit them.

Get The Visa: The next and final step is to await your e-visa, which will be delivered to your email inbox if your application is approved. Endeavor to print it out, bring it on your trip, and present it to the authorities at the port of entry.

Why Use VisaHQ?

Many international trackers trust VisaHQ, and you should do the same because of our attention to detail and how we simplify the entire process on behalf of clients from start to finish. If you are looking to apply for an electronic visa, you should look no further than VisaHQ because

  • We provide support around the clock
  • We increase your chances of getting approval by eliminating mistakes
  • Safe and secure website
  • You can track your application status online
  • We have a strong network and experienced representatives across the globe

Now is the time to submit your e-visa application and get approval as quickly as possible. Fill out the form now and get your visa in days.

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