Guatemala visa processing time

What is the Guatemala visa processing time? If you plan to apply for a visa at any point, you should be aware of the length of time it will take to get the visa so you can plan effectively for your trip. Many travelers make the mistake of applying for a visa too early or too late, which ruins their itinerary. To help you avoid unnecessary delays, we review the processing timeframe and all relevant information associated with the visa application process and requirements.

What Is The Guatemala Visa Processing Time?

If you apply for a visa to Guatemala, be prepared to wait for 5-15 working days to get the visa. Online applications take a shorter time, so you should get the visa within 5-7 working days. But in-person applications at the Guatemalan embassy or consulate may take up to 2 weeks or more to get the visa.

Bearing this in mind, consider submitting your application on time to avoid delays. If you are running a tight schedule, an online application may be your best bet.

How To Apply For a Guatemala Visa Online

If you want to apply for a visa online, follow these steps

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select your country of origin

  • Select Guatemala as your destination

  • Pick the visa you want

  • Complete the application form with accurate details

  • Scan and upload your documents

  • Pay the visa application fee using a debit or credit card

  • Submit the visa application form for approval

Within a week or less, the visa will be sent to your registered email address so you can print it out and bring it along with you on your trip.

Guatemala Visa Requirements

Applicants are expected to submit necessary documents for processing, and the documents vary depending on the type of visa they apply for. Here are the common documents you will have to submit.

Passport: A valid passport that will not expire in the next 6 months. The passport must also have at least one blank page left for visa stamps.

Photograph: One passport Sized photograph in colored form and taken on a white background. The photo must show your face clearly.

Health Insurance: Valid health insurance to cover any Medical bills you may incur during your stay in the country.

Accommodation: Proof of accommodation is required. A copy of your hotel reservation or the address of the house you will stay in the country.

Cove Letter: A cover letter indicating the purpose of your trip.

Invitation Letter: If you are invited by a friend or relative, they must send you a letter of invitation showing their house address and explaining the purpose of your trip.

Criminal Record: A Police report document showing that you don’t have a criminal record and that you pose no security risk to the country.

Flight Itinerary: A flight document showing the arrival and departure date, the name of the airline, the ticket number, and the airport you will arrive at.

Types Of Guatemala Visas

Foreigners can apply for any of these visas depending on their reasons for visiting the country.

Tourist visa: Tourism visas are for tourists who want to visit to spend their holidays in the country or those visiting the historical locations around the coastal regions or the hinterlands. 

Tourist visas are shirt term visas that expire in 90 days or less.

Business Visa: This visa is for business visits. If you plan to attend a meeting or conference or engage in any business-related venture that doesn’t involve direct payment, you need a business visa.

Work Visa: A work visa is for foreigners with plans to work in Guatemala. Work visas qualify the holder to apply for and obtain a work permit. With a work permit, you can live and work in the country. This visa is valid for two years.

Family Reunion Visa: People who can prove that they have relatives in the country may apply for this visa to be reunited with their loved ones.

Study Visa: Those planning to study in any of Guatemala’s education institutions will have to apply for a study visa. This visa is valid for as long as the program last.

Retirement Visa: Foreign nationals with plans to spend their retirement in Guatemala may apply for a retirement visa. This visa grants the holder permanent residency.

Application Fees

Kindly note that the application fee you pay for processing will depend on the type of visa you apply for and visa fees vary. Application fees start from $25 and can cost as much as $200. The fee for single-entry visas also differs from double-entry visas.

If you want to apply for immigrant visas, you can visit the embassy in your country but if you don’t have the luxury of time, visit VisaHQ to submit your application online. However, be mindful of the Guatemala visa processing time.

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