Estonia visa processing time

Estonia, with its picturesque capital, Tallinn, is another beautiful former Soviet nation among the Baltic states. To travel to Estonia for a short trip lasting fewer than 90 days, you will need an Estonian Schengen Visa, as it is part of the Schengen Area of European countries that have abolished border controls between each other. In general, you are more likely to get approval for your visa in Estonia as it receives relatively few requests and grants 98.4 percent of applications.

Estonia Visa Requirements

If you are an EU national you are permitted to enter the territory of Estonia with only an identification document, since 2017 when Estonia became a member of the Schengen Area.

On the other hand, if you are a non-EU national traveling to Estonia you will need to present some documents when you show up at the Estonian port of entry. These documents are:

  • A valid passport or travel document. Valid for at least three more months beyond your planned date of exit from Schengen, and issued within the last 10 years.

  • A visa – if you are a subject to Estonian visa regime.

  • A round-trip ticket to Estonia and back. Required to prove you do not intend to remain in Estonia illegally.

  • Proof of accommodation in Estonia. A document through which you prove where you will stay during your time in Estonia.

  • Sufficient financial means for your whole trip in Estonia. The Republic of Estonia wants you to prove you have at least 100€ per each day you plan on spending in Estonia.

  • Travel insurance valid for the entire Schengen Area, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for medical emergencies.

Estonia Schengen Visa Application Process


Estonian Schengen Processing Time

The processing time for a Estonia short-stay visa may take up to 15 days. Still, if you are a third country national subject to prior consultation, this period may be extended up to 30 days. Extraordinary cases may take up to 60 days.

To avoid any delay in the issuance of your Estonian short-stay visa, you should submit your application as soon as possible, though not earlier than three months before you travel to Estonia.

Estonian Schengen Visa Fee

Am Estonian Schengen Visa fee is €80 for adults and €40 for children under the age of 12. However, there are some categories of applicants exempt from paying the fee, and others that need to pay a lower amount as well,

It all depends on your nationality how long you can remain in Estonia without a Schengen visa. If you are an EU national you can enter and remain in Estonia for as long as you want. However, if you wish to stay longer, you have to register at the relevant Estonian authorities.

Nationals of countries that have signed a visa-free agreement with Estonia and the other Schengen members can enter Estonia and stay there for up to 90 days within a six-month period.

On the other hand, nationals of countries that still have not signed a visa-free agreement with Estonia and the other Schengen members, need to apply for a visa to Estonia, or any other Schengen member country.  They cannot enter without a visa, by any means.

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