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Are you planning a trip to Egypt anytime soon for a business engagement? You will need an Egypt business visa, not any other type of visa issued by the Egyptian embassy. Fortunately for applicants, the Egyptian business visa is one of the easiest visas to get because of the convenient procedure. Applicants who meet the requirements are often issued visas.

If you have plans to visit Egypt in the coming months, you should read this article to the end to have a perfect idea of the visa application process and the documents you need.

The Egypt Business Visa

The business visa of Egypt is a travel document issued by the Egyptian government through its foreign missions to foreigners coming into the country for business-related activities. There aren't strict criteria for issuing this visa as long as the business purpose. It can use the visa to attend business conferences and meetings, your facilities, negotiate or sign contracts, attend fairs and business events, and any other purpose.

Just like with all embassies, the standard practice of Egyptian embassies is to issue the visa to the applicant in person, not absentia. That means that you cannot apply for the visa online or mail your documents to the embassy. Instead, you must visit the embassy to submit physical copies of your documents and attend the visa interview.

You can download the visa application form online and fill it out correctly. Then you must attach the necessary documents to the form and submit it to the embassy official. Information accuracy and document validity are critical to the success of your application. You will require pre approval prior to getting the visa.

How To Apply For An Egypt Business Visa?

You can apply for an Egypt business visa by doing following

Check Your Visa Eligibility: The first thing you should do is check if you need a visa because nationals from selected countries enjoy visa waivers. You should only proceed with the application if you do not qualify for visa waivers because of the country you come from.

A Signed Visa Application Form: If you know that you require a visa to enter Egypt, download the Egypt visa application form online and fill it out. Ensure you complete every field in the form and leave no space empty. Also, ensure that your details are accurate and in accordance with what you have in other documents.

Organize Documents: Organize all the documents you must submit to the embassy's visa officer.

Book An Appointment. Book a business visa appointment with the embassy in your home country. The embassy will schedule a date for that.

Attend The Visa Interview: Attend the visa interview on the scheduled date and submit your documents to the visa officer. Questions will be asked of you, which you must answer truthfully. Common questions include the trip's purpose, length of stay, and the financier of the trip.

After the interview, the embassy will notify you of the progress of your application. If you satisfy all the conditions, the valid visa will be issued.

Egypt Business Visa Documents

  • Completed application form

  • Valid passport valid for a minimum of six months

  • Two recent photographs

  • Letter of invitation from an Egyptian company

  • Cover letter by the applicant or their company

  • Around trip flight Itinerary and tickets

  • Yellow fever certificate (required for citizens from selected countries)

Egypt Business Visa Fee

The fee for this visa is relative to the applicant's nationality. It also depends on whether the applicant applies for a single or multiple-entry passport. The standard fee for single-entry business visas is $40-$150, depending on the applicant's nationality. Multiple entry visas cost $55 -$160. However, some nationals don't pay a fee for visas as it is issued to them for free.

Is There A Business Visa On Arrival?

Some citizens from selected countries who do not qualify for visa waivers may enjoy a visa on arrival, but there are only a few of them. Most business travelers to Egypt must obtain business visas from the Egyptian embassy before boarding a flight. You should check to see whether your country is on the visa-on-arrival list or not to be sure.

Business Visa Processing Time

There isn't a fixed time for visa processing at Egyptian embassies. While the standard processing time is 14-21 days, your application may take a longer time. This is why applicants are advised to submit their applications several months in advance. Visa Issuance may be delayed if the embassy is handling a lot of applications or the embassy is requesting additional information or documents from you. If extra documents are required, you will be notified via email or phone number to visit the embassy with these documents. Once you provide them, your Egypt business visa will be processed and released to you.


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