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Are you planning a trip to Egypt anytime soon for a business engagement? You will need an Egypt business visa, not any other type of visa issued by the Egyptian embassy. Fortunately for applicants, the Egyptian business visa is one of the easiest visas to get because of the convenient procedure. Applicants who meet the requirements are often issued visas.

If you have plans to visit Egypt in the coming months, you should read this article to the end to have a perfect idea of the visa application process and the documents you need.

The Egypt Business Visa

The business visa of Egypt is a travel document issued by the Egyptian government through its foreign missions to foreigners coming into the country for business-related activities. There aren't strict criteria for issuing this visa as long as the business purpose. It can use the visa to attend business conferences and meetings, your facilities, negotiate or sign contracts, attend fairs and business events, and any other purpose.

Just like with all embassies, the standard practice of Egyptian embassies is to issue the visa to the applicant in person, not absentia. That means that you cannot apply for the visa online or mail your documents to the embassy. Instead, you must visit the embassy to submit physical copies of your documents and attend the visa interview.

You can download the visa application form online and fill it out correctly. Then you must attach the necessary documents to the form and submit it to the embassy official. Information accuracy and document validity are critical to the success of your application. You will require pre approval prior to getting the visa.

How To Apply For An Egypt Business Visa?

You can apply for an Egypt business visa by doing following

Check Your Visa Eligibility: The first thing you should do is check if you need a visa because nationals from selected countries enjoy visa waivers. You should only proceed with the application if you do not qualify for visa waivers because of the country you come from.

A Signed Visa Application Form: If you know that you require a visa to enter Egypt, download the Egypt visa application form online and fill it out. Ensure you complete every field in the form and leave no space empty. Also, ensure that your details are accurate and in accordance with what you have in other documents.

Organize Documents: Organize all the documents you must submit to the embassy's visa officer.

Book An Appointment. Book a business visa appointment with the embassy in your home country. The embassy will schedule a date for that.

Attend The Visa Interview: Attend the visa interview on the scheduled date and submit your documents to the visa officer. Questions will be asked of you, which you must answer truthfully. Common questions include the trip's purpose, length of stay, and the financier of the trip.

After the interview, the embassy will notify you of the progress of your application. If you satisfy all the conditions, the valid visa will be issued.

Egypt Business Visa Documents

  • Completed application form

  • Valid passport valid for a minimum of six months

  • Two recent photographs

  • Letter of invitation from an Egyptian company

  • Cover letter by the applicant or their company

  • Around trip flight Itinerary and tickets

  • Yellow fever certificate (required for citizens from selected countries)

Egypt Business Visa Fee

The fee for this visa is relative to the applicant's nationality. It also depends on whether the applicant applies for a single or multiple-entry passport. The standard fee for single-entry business visas is $40-$150, depending on the applicant's nationality. Multiple entry visas cost $55 -$160. However, some nationals don't pay a fee for visas as it is issued to them for free.

Is There A Business Visa On Arrival?

Some citizens from selected countries who do not qualify for visa waivers may enjoy a visa on arrival, but there are only a few of them. Most business travelers to Egypt must obtain business visas from the Egyptian embassy before boarding a flight. You should check to see whether your country is on the visa-on-arrival list or not to be sure.

Business Visa Processing Time

There isn't a fixed time for visa processing at Egyptian embassies. While the standard processing time is 14-21 days, your application may take a longer time. This is why applicants are advised to submit their applications several months in advance. Visa Issuance may be delayed if the embassy is handling a lot of applications or the embassy is requesting additional information or documents from you. If extra documents are required, you will be notified via email or phone number to visit the embassy with these documents. Once you provide them, your Egypt business visa will be processed and released to you.

Visa Policy of Egypt

The visa policy of Egypt consists of a set of rules that clearly explains the entry requirements for foreign nationals. All visitors coming to Egypt must first obtain a visa unless they are from visa-exempt countries. Visa-exempt visitors are eligible for a visa on arrival once they arrive at any of Egypt's international airports. The law also mandates all visitors to have their national passports with at least 6 months' validity; otherwise, they will not be allowed into the country (unless in the case of stateless persons).

Currently, only citizens from the following 10 countries are allowed to visit Egypt without a visa. People from these countries except for Malaysia can visit for up to 3 months visa-free. Malaysian citizens can visit Egypt for up to 14 days visa-free.

There is a special group of visitors of certain age groups and gender, that enjoy conditional free access into Egypt and these nationals are selected countries so check the list to see if your country is eligible.

Special Visa Exemptions

Special visa exemptions by entry for the following nationals. More countries may be added in the future

  • Israel – Israeli citizens do not require a visa to travel to Sinai Peninsula resorts for up to14 days as they are granted free entry permission upon arrival, if they enter Sinai Peninsula through Taba Border Crossing
  • Lebanon – If they travel to Alexandria and the South Sinai and arrive at Borg El Arab Airport, Sharm El Sheikh Airport, or Hurghada Airport on a chartered flight.
  • Palestine – Male travelers can travel through the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing under special conditions.
  • Yemen – If the traveler visits Egypt for medical reasons, as long as they provide supporting documents to show that they traveled directly from Yemen.

Egypt's visa policy also allows tourist groups of five persons to enter visa-free if they are citizens of Azerbaijan, Belize, Barbados, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Honduras, Russia, Nicaragua, Turkey and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ad long as they have a hotel reservation, a signed letter of guarantee from the travel agency bringing them and a return flight ticket.

The Egyptian authorities also launched an e-visa program in December 2017, which allows tourists from selected countries to enter Egypt. These nationals may obtain a valid e-visa online or get a visa on arrival at the ports of entry.

Visa On Arrival Eligible Countries

Egypt offers visa on arrival to visitors from specific countries who arrive without visas but wish to stay in the country for a short period. Once they arrive at the airport, they are issued visa on arrival application forms to fill out. Once these forms are filled and returned, the immigration officers on duty will attach visa stickers to their passports and they will be allowed into the country.

People who wish to study or work in Egypt do not qualify for a visa on arrival but should get a Consular visa from the embassy instead.

E Visa Eligible Countries

The e visa is an online visa issued for the purpose of tourism or business and allows the holder to stay for up to 30 days. The application is completed and submitted online and takes about 24-72 hours to process. Applications should also come with soft copies of required travel documents attached to them. There is also a visa fee payable with a credit or debit card without which the applicant cannot submit the application form.

E Visa Eligibility

Here are the eligibility criteria for this electronic visa for Egypt

  • The applicant must be from an eligible country
  • They must hold a valid visa
  • They must have no intention of staying in Egypt much longer than the e visa allows

Egypt e Visa Key Details

Applicants eligible for an online visa for Egypt should bear the following in mind as they apply for it and during their time in the North African country.

Approved Routes: As a visitor coming to Egypt with an e visa you should only enter the country through the approved ports of entry listed in this article. Visitors should only enter through any of the listed international airports, border Crossings and ferry terminals off the Gulf of Aqaba. If they use a different route they may not be allowed into the country.

For Short Term Visits: It is important to reiterate that e visas are only for short term visits to the land of the Pharaohs not for study, work or residency. In fact, e visa holders are not even allowed to engage in any type of paid work during their time in the country. Regardless of whether your visa is a single or multiple entry visa, never stay more than the allotted duration.

Same Passport: Always travel with the passport you applied for the e visa with. E visas are electronically linked to such passports and their numbers are used to generate the e visa code biometrically. If you passport will not meet the requirements, get a new one before applying for the e visa.

You should also make sure that the bank card you use for the application fee payment is valid and contains sufficient funds to cover the application fee and the transaction charges.

Egypt Visa Online – Get your Egypt e-Visa with VisaHQ

Did you know that you can get an Egyptian e-visa online from the comfort of your home without having the need to go to the Egyptian embassy in your country to submit the physical application form? VisaHQ makes it possible to apply for e-visas from any part of the world as long as you have a smartphone and access to the internet.

How To obtain a visa with VisaHQ?

The application process is relatively straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes. Here are the steps to take.

Fill out the form: Go to VisaHQ's e-visa application page, select the e-visa you want, and fill out the form correctly. Please avoid mistakes and crosscheck for errors before proceeding.

Attach Documents: Attach the documents required. No need to submit hard copies, only soft copies. Valid documents only

Get Your Visa: After uploading the documents, pay the application fee and submit.

Within 72 hours, the e-visa will be mailed to your verified email address, and you can print it out and travel with it.

Why Use VisaHQ?

Here are some compelling reasons why you should make VisaHQ your number platform for your e-visa applications

  • Safe and secure website
  • Fast and easy application process
  • Apply for two or more e-visas at the same time
  • Save your documents for reuse at your convenience
  • Track your e-visa application
  • We provide technical support around the clock

So what are you waiting for? Visit our official e-visa application page and complete your application with your PC or smartphone. Ensure your information and documents are valid so your request for the e-visa will be accepted.


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