Dominican Republic visa for Indian

The most visited nation in the Carribean, the Dominican Republic also holds significant importance in the history of the Americas. With the Dominican Republic visa, several visitors enter the country for various purposes ranging from tourism to work. Though not everyone requires this, the Dominican Republic visa for Indian citizens is a mandatory endorsement. 

Dominican Republic Visa

Based on the purpose of the visit, the Dominican Republic permits can be majorly classified into the following - 

  • Tourist - This is issued for people travelling to the country to take part in tourism-related activities such as sightseeing, adventure sporting, leisure, etc. 

  • Business - These are granted for people travelling in order to take part in business meetings, conferences, symposiums, trade fairs, and other business activities in the country. 

  • Student - This type is issued for students entering the country to take part in study courses.

  • Work - The work permit is granted for people travelling to the country to take part in employment.

  • Residence - This is the permit issued to people who are planning to live in the country for the long term as a resident.

Dominican Republic Visa Required Documents

As per the Dominican Republic visa application requirements, the following are the list of general documents you would need for most of the visas. Based on the exact category of the visa, there will be additional documentation necessary. 

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of intended travel. 

  • 1 recent photograph as per the specifications. 

  • Completed visa application form.

  • Covering letter - along with its Spanish translation.

  • Proof of sufficient funds - bank statements, a letter from the bank, etc. 

For certain documents, you will be required to get apostille as well. Ensure that you consult reputed providers for the apostille and translation services.

Dominican Republic Visa Application Form

To apply for a Dominican Republic Visa whether it is a Dominican Republic tourist visa or a business visa, you will need to submit an application form. You can get the Dominican Republic visa application form online or through the embassy. To get a Dominican Republic visa online you can simply visit VisaHQ and get your Dominican Republic visa application form completed. However, Indian nationals can also get their Dominican Republic visa application form through nearest Dominican Embassy present in India.

After filling the form, you have to submit the visa application form along with other documents required by the Embassy of Dominican Republic. Once, they receive visa applications either for a visa online or by hand, you can then proceed to payment. This is a non-refundable payment that you must pay if you want visa processing to start. This visa fee is different as per the visa type.

For further information or queries on Dominican Republic entry visa you can contact VisaHQ or your nearest embassy. Once, you obtain your visa, you are allowed to travel to Dominican Republic and enter the country.

Dominican Republic Visa Fees

The fees for the visa depends on the exact type of visa as well as the duration of the stay. The fees have to be paid in cash at the VAC. There is no option of paying the fees online. Apart from the application fee, there will be additional processing charges or delivery charges levied by the VAC. As a result, you must ensure that you check the exact amount before starting the application.

Dominican Republic Visa Processing Time

The time taken to process the application can vary depending upon the exact type of the visa, the volume of applications at the embassy, as well as on your previous travel history. Normally, it can take around 10 working days to process. As a result, you must apply well in advance.

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