Cyprus visa for UAE residents

Is there a Cyprus visa for UAE residents? The simple answer is yes. UAE residents who are not even citizens of the UAE may apply for a visa to visit Cyprus at any time of the year as long as they meet the visa requirements to obtain one. Keep reading this post to learn more about how to apply for the Cyprus visit visa.

Cyprus Visa For UAE Residents

The UAE is populated by citizens of other countries who work in the emirate. These ex-pats are not citizens of the country, but by virtue of their economic activities in the country, they are issued permanent residency in the country. However, unlike in other countries where a resident cannot apply for a visa to another country unless they are citizens, the case of UAE is different.

Residents may apply for a Cyprus visa directly from the UAE without the need to travel to their home countries to apply for the visa. This makes the process easy for residents.

Who Needs A Cyprus Visa?

For starters, you should know that not everyone requires a Cyprus visa to enter Cyprus. Citizens of EU countries and a few other countries are on the visa waiver list, so they don’t have to travel to Cyprus on a visa; however, if your country is not on the list, you definitely need a visa to enter Cyprus.

Cyprus Tourist Visa For UAE Nationals and Residents Requirements

Only applicants who can meet the documentary requirements may apply for a visa. Here are the major required documents to prepare before you fill out the Cyprus visa application form.

Valid Passport: A passport is one of the most important documents to apply for. This document must have at least 6 months of validity left. It must also have about 2 or more visa pages left for immigration officers to affix the stamped Cyprus visa at the entry and departure points.

Completed visa application form: You need a completed visa application form with all your details boldly written. Details must correspond with the data in the documents you submit.

Photographs: A recent colored photograph not older than 6 months. The photograph must show your face clearly and be uploaded in the proper format and dimension.

Proof of residency: You must provide proof that you are indeed a UAE resident; your residency permit can prove this.

Return Flight Ticket: A copy of your return flight ticket reservation to prove that you have every plan to go back to the UAE at the end of your visit.

Itinerary: The Cyprian authorities will like to know the places you intend to visit as well as your arrival and departure dates.

Proof of funds: A bank statement to show that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses while in Cyprus. The statement should cover the last 3 months and contain the minimum required balance.

Proof of accommodation: Hotel reservation to show where you plan to stay during your time in the country.

Employment Status: Documents to show that you are gainfully employed. The documents must show where you work if you are an employee. It must also capture your current role in the organization.

Visa fee receipt: There is a Cyprus visa fee you must pay, and the receipt generated must be uploaded as evidence

Note: These are the documents required of you, but the requirements are subject to changes.

How To Apply For A Cyprus Visa Online From The UAE

It is very easy to apply for a Cyprus visa from the UAE. You don’t need to hire a third-party agent or visit any visa center or even the Cyprus embassy to submit an application. You can do it from the comfort of your home with your smartphone. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Cyprus as your destination and choose your location as The UAE

  • Fill out the application form with accurate details

  • Upload all necessary documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit the application form for approval

After submitting the form, it will take 3-5 working days to process. If approved, the visa will be sent to your registered email address. Please print it out and bring it to Cyprus on your visit.

Note: Minors below 18 years of age cannot apply for a Cyprus Visa. Only their legal guardians or parents can do so on their behalf. Parents and guardians must show proof of their identity also.

To avoid unnecessary delays, it is necessary to provide only accurate information in the application form. You must also use valid documents as well. Failure to do any of these may lead to unnecessary delays or an outright rejection of your application.

Now that you know the Cyprus visa for UAE residents requirements waste no more time. Visit VisaHQ today to complete your application in less than 30 minutes.

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