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Costa Rica is a top business destination in Central America, so it receives massive foreign investments every year. If you are a business person with investments in Colombia or plan to invest in the country, you will need to apply for a business visa in Costa Rica. The Island country has a thriving tourism industry which is the major mover of the economy as the country depends on tourism to earn foreign exchange.

There are hotel and resort businesses, restaurants, spas, clubs, transportation, supermarkets, and any other business you can think of. San Jose, the capital city, is the largest and a cultural melting pot of civilization, and this is where you will find the biggest businesses because of its large population. Overall, Costa Rica is a viable business destination for interested investors.

Costa Rica Is Open For Business

For the most part of 2020, the Costa Rica government was not issuing visitor visas because of the pandemic. Now that ban has been lifted so visitors can come in as long as they can show evidence of taking any of the approved vaccines at least 14 days before their arrival.

The Costa Rica Business Visa

The business visa is for interested investors who wish to invest in any of Costa Rica's budding sectors. Holders of this visa can enter and exit the country at will as long as their visa is valid. However, you must submit numerous documents to prove your eligibility to qualify for this visa.

Costa Rica Business Visa Documentary Requirements

Here are the documentary requirements for this visa.

Valid Passport: The applicant must submit a valid passport that must not expire 6 months after they plan to arrive in Costa Rica. The passport's bio data page must be scanned and uploaded on the visa application page.

Application form: A duly completed visa application form is a must. All fields in the form must be filled with accurate information and signed by the applicant. Also, note that the details must be typed and not filled in by hand.

Photograph: A recent colored photograph with white background must be uploaded showing the applicant's face clearly.

Proof of Residency: If the applicant is a permanent resident of a Schengen country, they must prove it by providing their permanent residency card.

Cover Letter: Visitors invited by a registered company or organization in Costa Rica must issue a cover letter on their letterhead indicating the purpose of the applicant's visit. The letter must also state that the company intends to bear the full financial responsibility of the applicant during their stay. The letter must show the applicant's name, company name, and contact address, among other relevant information.

Letter of Invitation: The letter of invitation issued by the host must be scanned and uploaded.

Solid economic status proof: The applicant must provide proof of their economic status with documents like their salary statements or bank account statements. The bank account must contain the required minimum balance.

Return Ticket: A return ticket out of Costa at the end of their vacation in Costa Rica

Confirmed itinerary: A confirmed itinerary showing their arrival and departure dates and the places of interest they plan to visit.

A business visa may take between 2 and 3 weeks to process in most cases. It is advisable to submit the application form in advance of your trip.

How To Apply For Business Visa in Costa Rica

To apply for a business visa in Costa Rica, kindly do one of two things.

Visit the Costa Rica Consulate

If there is a consulate in your country, visit their office and request the application form and ask for information about the visa requirements. Please fill out the form, attach copies of the necessary documents and submit it for processing. You will be asked to pay the visa fee to the designated bank account of the consulate and present the receipt as proof. On a set date, the consulate will invite you for an interview where they will check the original copies of your documents and ask you questions.

 After that, you should receive a notification in your email about the outcome of your application. If successful, you will be given a date to come to pick up your Costa Rica tourist visa so you can enter Costa Rica.

Online Application

If there is no Costa Rica consulate in your country or their office is in a far-off city, you may opt for the online option on VisaHQ. The Costa Rica visa application online option is faster and stress-free. Follow these steps.

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Costa Rica as your destination

  • Pick your country of citizenship

  • Fill out the application form with accurate details

  • Scan and upload all documents in their fields

  • Pay the Costa Rica visa fee using a debit or credit card

  • Submit for processing


The business visa Costa Rica application process online is very easy on VisaHQ, so waste no time. Just make sure you only provide valid details and documents.

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