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Chile is a country that has magnificent landscapes that will make your jaw drop. It's a country where you can fully enjoy stargazing at night and have fun on the adventurous trails and hiking during the day. The glaciers, desert, rivers, and night sky are diverse features that make Chile an amazing tourist country.

However, that's not it. Chile is a country that offers well-developed businesses. The businesses in the country are some of the most efficient and well-performing in the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that foreign nationals might want to go to Chile for a business trip.

This article has discussed everything you need to know about the Chile business visa and its requirements!

What is a Business Visa?

The concerned governments provide a business visa to those foreign nationals who wish to enter a country for business-related purposes such as attending conferences or meetings.

A business visa does not mean you can start your own venture in the country and trade goods or get employed in any organization.

Why Might you Need a Chile Business Visa?

If you are being sent to Chile on behalf of your company for some business meeting or activity, you will need to acquire a business visa. The Chilean authorities will not let you enter Chile if you don't. Therefore, for any business-related activity, you will need to have a Chile visa for business.

Some countries are exempted from getting this visa, and individuals can still make travel plans to Chile for work-related activities.

What is the Chile Business Visa?

The business visa for Chile is available for single entry or multiple entries into the country. You can enter Chile as often as you want through the multiple entry visa, staying within the maximum validity time. Normally, processing this type of visa takes about 6-7 business days, and approval takes about 15 days.

What is the Difference Between Chile Tourist Visa, Temporary Residence Visa, and Business Visa?

A Chile tourist visa is to tour Chile and enjoy the time there or visit family and friends. A temporary residence visa is issued for a temporary stay in a country. You must acquire further details of the temporary residence visa application process

 to obtain this visa. 

On the other hand, a business visa is for individuals who have come to Chile strictly for business activities or conferences. It would help if you remembered that a business visa does not allow you to look for employment opportunities in a country.

There is also another visa known as the Chile work visa. A work visa is issued to those individuals hunting for jobs and employment in Chile. Moreover, there are work visa types, too, such as contract visa. If you want to work in Chile you should get a work visa.

What are the Requirements for a Chile Business Visa?

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled by visa applicants if they want to get a business visa for Chile. These include having an original passport valid for at least 6 months after your travel date. Moreover, your passport should have two blank pages. Next, you need to have a proper picture with accurate dimensions and format with a plain white background.

There are also some documents required. You need to submit the flight reservation tickets. Additionally, you need to submit the yellow vaccination certificate. Moreover, as you are applying for a business visa, you must address a cover letter to the Chilean Consulate from the company that is sending you. This cover letter should mention the purpose of your stay and schedule. Apart from the cover letter, there should be a letter of invitation from the Chilean host company.

You should also have sufficient funds and bank statements to prove it. Furthermore, income tax returns proof is also important. Lack of proper proof can cause rejection because of financial means.

The visa fees need to be paid too. These visa fees can be different depending on which country you are from. You should always check for any travel restrictions for your country by Chile and check out the Travel Advisory posted by the state department.

How To Fill The Chile Business Visa Application Form Online?

You can obtain the visa online through VisaHQ. The site will easily provide you with all the visa services you need and help you to apply online. The application process on the website is precise and easy to follow. Therefore, you will be able to fill out the application form easily. You need to ensure that all the required documents are ready.

At VisaHQ, you are supposed to choose the destination you want to visit and which foreign country you belong to. Next, you can complete the application process, fulfill all the visa requirements, and wait for your visa. Therefore, VisaHQ provides an easy way to get your visa online without visiting the Chilean embassy.

Chile Visa Policy

Visitors traveling to Chile must get visas before their trip, which can be done through any of their diplomatic missions or online. Not all visitors need visas, though, as visa-exempt persons can enter Chile visa-free based on their nationality. The Chilean government maintains a reciprocal multilateral and bilateral agreement with many nations and uses different factors to decide which foreigner gets visa-free access.

Persons from countries and territories on the visa-free list can stay in the country for 90 days or less, amongst other conditions. For instance, Chinese citizens can apply for a tourist or business to stay in Chile for up to 90 days without paying application fees if they already have an entry visa with more than six months validity to the United States or Canada.  

Indian citizens with valid visas for at least six months may also enter Chile without visas. 

Australian citizens are eligible for an e-visa. The visa policy of Chile is flexible and based on the visitor’s nationality more than anything else.

As for visa holders, they can extend their visas by filling out an application and paying an extension fee to the Extranjeria Department. Alternatively, they may exit and re-enter the country twice without paying fees.

Chile E Visa

Applicants who submit online applications for a Chilean visa will be issued an e-visa called the e- Vistur which is an online visa. This visa has been issued to eligible foreigners since 2020, and it is a short-stay travel authorization document. The e-Vistur system was initiated to expedite visa processing and issuance. Rather than visit the embassy or consulate, applicants may apply for it and get approval in a few days. The online visa is valid for 180 days and can be extended for another 90 days.

Key Information About Chile e Visa

Here are some key details about Chile’s e-visa you should know about and things you should do before your trip.

Please print Out The Visa: Always travel with a copy of your e-visa once it is delivered through email. The authorities will request a copy at the point of entry, and the only way you can prove to them that you have a valid visa is to show them a copy.

Travel With The Same Passport: You must travel to Chile with the same passport used for the application because that is the passport number that appears on the e-visa. Traveling with a different passport is as good as not having a visa, and you will be denied entry.

You Can Only Extend It Once: Your e-visa allows you to stay in Chile for up to 90 days per visit, but the authorities allow you to extend it for another 90 days making it a total of 180 days. The visa can only be extended once, and you can apply for a new one inside the country. Also, note that you can only enter Chile once with the same e-visa. Should you exit the country while the visa is still valid, you cannot reuse it.

Transit Visitors: Transit visitors who exit the airport can only stay in the city for a few days. In most cases, the deadline is three days for most nationalities. Furthermore, they must have secured their ticket for their connecting flight before they arrived at a Chilean airport.

Not For Employment: Kindly note that your e-visa is not for employment, so you cannot hold a paid job during your visit. This e-visa is strictly for business, tourism, and transit.

Use Approved Routes: Always use approved air, land, and sea routes for your trips to avoid unnecessary difficulties with Chilean law enforcement.

The Use Of Foreign Visas/Resident Permits: Chile accepts foreign travel documents issued by a few countries for entry, but this condition only applies to Indians and Chinese. If you are an Indian or Chinese passport holder and you have a valid US or Canadian visa or resident permit, you can visit Chile for 90 days without needing a visa.

Apply Outside: This visa should only be applied for when you are outside Chile, not when you are inside the country. That means the visa should be in your possession before commencing the trip from your location to the South American country.

Visas For Minors: There are special documents you need if you will be traveling with a minor. If your child is yours, you must show proof of relationship using a certified birth certificate, but legal guardians; must show a signed and notarized consent letter issued by the child’s parents, making them the legal guardian. 

We also advise that you check the current requirements of the Chilean government involving trips with minors so you can prepare well in advance. Regulations have become stricter as the government steps up efforts to combat child trafficking.

Always Have Sufficient Funds: Last but not least is the need to always travel with enough funds to cover your expenses. You may hold cash to travel with a bank-issued ATM card that is internationally recognized by financial institutions globally. 

The funds should cover your accommodation, transportation, feeding, and any other activity you have planned.

Chile Visa Online – Get your Chile e-Visa with VisaHQ

You can travel to Chile at short notice if you can get a visa within days, and thus possible without the need to go to an embassy or consulate. The Chilean e-visa is available to foreigners from eligible countries who wish to visit the country for a short time. You can submit your application online through VisaHQ and get your visa in three days or sooner.

How To Apply For A Visa With VisaHQ?

If you would like to get your e-visa for your upcoming trip to Chile, you can do it with VisaHQ. We have a seamless application process that will not stress you but enable you to complete the application in a few minutes in the following steps.

Fill out the form: You start by filling out the application form on our application platform. This involves providing your personal, travel, and personal information in the appropriate sections. Also, ensure that no section is left unfilled and that your information is accurate.

Upload your documents: The visa you are applying for will determine the documents to upload alongside your passport. Remember that only valid documents will be accepted.

Pay the fees: You can only submit your application after paying your fees. Fees are paid with credit or debit cards. Then submit the form for approval.

Get your visa: The visa will be forwarded to your email after three days or even before then.

Why Use VisaHQ?

You should use VisaHQ to enjoy the following

  • Fast-tracked visa application
  • Access to updates and helpful resources
  • Get access to expert help when you need it
  • Apply for multiple e-visas for different countries
  • Track your application online

Your data is safe and secure with our tested and trusted data protection software, so you have nothing to worry about. Furthermore, our experts are always on standby to give you the technical support you need at any time to ensure your application is done properly. Visit our application page now to get started.

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