Questions Student Visa Applicants Should Prepare For

If you are planning to apply for a student visa in the near future, you may be a bit nervous about the interview that is a standard part of the process in most countries. This is normal! You can, however, calm your nerves by spending some time preparing for your interview. It’s important to note that no two interviews are identical, but if you study the following questions, you should be ready for your conversation, even if some inquiries differ from the ones featured here.

Questions regarding your course of study.

You can expect to answer a variety of questions about your planned studies. These are meant to help the visa agents understand why you would rather pursue further education in their nation than join the workforce in your current country of residence.

Sample questions:
-Why have you chosen our country specifically?
-What do you plan to major in and why?
-Why are you not continuing your education in your country of origin?
-How does the program you plan to pursue relate to your past studies?

Questions regarding the school you will attend.

The visa agents are likely to ask you a series of questions about the college or university you plan to attend. These inquiries are designed to help the interviewers learn more about who you are as a student and how qualified you are for the institution you will be enrolling in.

Sample questions:
-Have you visited the campus previously?
-How many institutions did you apply to and how many accepted you?
-Are you familiar with any professors at the school?
-What do you know about the city you’ll be moving to?

Questions regarding your academic fitness.

The interviewers will want to know about your history as a student so they can gauge your academic aptitude. It is important for countries to only accept student visa applicants who will be assets to their colleges and universities, so these questions typically bear significant weight.

Sample questions:
-Can you provide your standardized test scores (exams like the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.)?
-How proficient are you in our country’s official language?
-What do you know of the cultural/educational differences between our country and your homeland? How will you handle these?
-Can we see copies of previous diplomas and degrees?
Questions regarding your finances.

Although these inquiries may initially seem invasive, they are very important to visa agents. If you cannot prove that you can afford to pay for your education in their country, they may not be willing to grant you the visa you need. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to have your finances sorted before your interview.

Sample questions:
-What will your annual tuition, housing, and living expenses total?
-Will someone be financially supporting you throughout your time in school? If so, who?
-Do you have any scholarship offers?
-Can you produce copies of your bank statements and recent tax returns?

Questions regarding your future plans.

During your interview, you will probably be asked several questions that pertain to your future plans. These are mainly to determine whether or not you intend to stay in the nation where you intend to receive your continuing education. Most student visas are designed solely for students; they will not allow you to remain for much time after graduation. If you do want to continue your residency in your new country, you’ll have to go through additional visa processes.

Sample questions:
-What sort of job would you like to get upon graduation?
-Do you currently have friends or family members living in our country?
-Do you intend to return to your homeland after you complete your education?
-What are your general plans after you graduate?

If you would like help preparing for your upcoming student visa interview, the VisaHQ team can help you. Simply give us a call at 1-800-345-6541 to speak to an agent.

Safe travels!

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