Next Gen Entrepreneurs: Featuring VisaHQ

There’s more than politics in Washington D.C.! The metro area is a somewhat surprising up-and-coming hub for the tech industry. On April 23, 2019, VisaHQ founder, Oleg Naydonov, was featured at the DCA Live Next Gen Entrepreneurs event. The occasion featured DCA Live’s 2019 Top Young Entrepreneurs. Naydonov was among a selection of “40 Under 40” start-up founders and business owners, an honor for both him as an individual and VisaHQ as a company.

Naydonov was able to mix and mingle with a variety of attendees, including local industry leaders and the other elite young D.C.-based entrepreneurs on the “40 Under 40” list. These talented professionals included Sparkfund founders, Nikko Patten Weinstein and Pier LaFarge, and Girls’ Night In CEO, Alisha Ramos. These two companies showcase the wide variety of tech companies that are thriving throughout the Washington D.C. metro area.

Sparkfund focuses on helping companies in a wide variety of industries upgrade their energy systems easily throughout their facilities; this process was once extremely tedious and frustrating for business owners and their staff members. Girls’ Night In, on the other hand, is an email newsletter focusing on self-care and living well. In addition to these two unique businesses, VisaHQ was in good company alongside Senseware, BlueFoot, Whystle, and others.

Naydonov and the entire VisaHQ team were thrilled to be honored with these other emerging tech leaders. Founded in 2003, the company has long been making a splash in the travel documents industry. VisaHQ’s innovative online platform makes it simple to obtain travel visas and passports by streamlining and automating the application process, allowing business and leisure travelers alike to get where they’re going on time. The team is global, with offices in 13 nations around the world; over 2 billion people have access to VisaHQ’s offerings.

Being recognized as part of DCA Live’s Young Entrepreneurs showcase is another stepping stone not only in Naydonov’s career but in the journey of VisaHQ as a whole. As the company continues to expand and provide services for clients around the world, events like this will become an increasingly important way of spreading the word about what VisaHQ does and how the company can make life easier for other business owners and their teams.

Safe travels!