What Kinds of Visas Are There, Anyway?

Although there are hundreds of different kinds of visas available around the world, there are some general categories you should be aware of. Having this general knowledge of visas will make it easier for you to have conversations with your VisaHQ agent in the future, even if you don’t know precisely what kind of visa you need for your upcoming trip. Remember, knowledge is power!

Tourist Visas

Tourist visas are relatively easy to understand. They are for people who are traveling to a different country purely for leisure purposes. Whether you are sightseeing for a few days, visiting friends, or taking a relaxing sabbatical for several weeks, this is the type of visa you’ll need. It does bear noting that some tourist visas have very short durations, while others are valid for several months.

Student Visas

Individuals who are planning to study in foreign countries should apply for student visas. These are generally granted to college students, graduate-level students, and, in some cases, people who are performing practical training following their graduations.

Business Visas

Business visas are one of the most challenging categories to understand and their requirements can vary greatly from nation to nation. In short, however, these kinds of visas are designed for anyone who is performing work or opening an establishment of any kind in a foreign country. You will need to speak to your VisaHQ agent to discover exactly what kind of business or employment visa suits your situation.

Crew Visa

Crew visas are an unofficial subcategory of business/employment visas. They are meant specifically for those who work as members of ship crews, airline crews, train crews, and other similar functions. It can be difficult to know if a crew visa is the correct option for you or not; your dedicated VisaHQ specialist will assess your situation and help you determine what kind of application you need to submit.

Religious Worker Visas

Whether you are a member of the clergy, taking a religious pilgrimage, or working as a volunteer missionary, you may be required to obtain a religious worker visa in order to travel within another country’s borders. Again, as with all visas, your VisaHQ agent will be able to help you understand precisely what type of documentation you need to present in order to get the right visa for your upcoming trip.

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, this is not an exhaustive list of visa categories but is meant to familiarize you with some terms you may hear as you submit your next visa application via VisaHQ. We look forward to working with you!