Schengen Zone Processing Info

In terms of visas, the “Schengen Zone” refers to mainland Europe, consisting of 26 nations from Spain and Greece, all of which share a border. Non-US applicants are familiar with the complex requirements and waitlists when applying for Schengen visas, but even Americans who intend to visit the region for over 90 days may have problems.

All Schengen visas necessitate first-time applicants appear in-person, with an appointment at their local consulate. During peak summer season, the waitlists for these meetings can be several months long.

Since VisaHQ cannot go to your appointment for you, we offer comprehensive guidance for Schengen visa applicants. Depending on the nature of your upcoming visit, VisaHQ can assist you by generating your application form, helping you set you appointment, and reviewing your documents prior to your meeting to ensure they meet the specifications laid out by your local consulate.

When applying for your next Schengen visa, be sure to book your appointment well in advance and consider letting a VisaHQ agent review your application ahead of item.