Traveler’s Stories: Kenneth

Kenneth Garth is an international traveler from Panama City, Panama. Since discovering VisaHQ, he has been a regular client. We’re excited to share Kenneth’s story with you!

How did you first learn about VisaHQ?

While planning one of my trips, I was looking for information for visa requirements and I started searching on the internet. At some point, one of the results was VisaHQ. That’s when I found that through VisaHQ, I could actually complete the whole process.

What are some of your favorite VisaHQ benefits?

VisaHQ made my experience so much easier!

I was able to not only see the documents and fees I needed for the visa, but I didn’t have to go in person, which for some of us who are pretty busy, having to take time to present yourself at a consulate or an embassy to get an application and waste a whole day just with paperwork is extremely frustrating. VisaHQ was able to do that whole process for me.

Also, the agents were able to guide me through the entire process. I was given a specific person to work with me and that person was able to contact me if I needed to submit a document or any additional items. They double check everything right before they submit all of the paperwork to the consulate, which means my visas have been given to me with no delays.

How often do you use VisaHQ’s services?

So far I have used the service three times for three different destinations. The first time was for my trip to Japan, then I used it for my visa to Australia, and also for my Russian visa.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell your fellow travelers?

I recommend that you use VisaHQ. It is very useful!