Traveler’s Stories: Samuel

Samuel Rodriguez, a Charleston-based systems implementation specialist who travels around the world doing his job, is a regular VisaHQ user. Samuel recently completed his fourth visa with our company and will soon be on his way to Bolivia.

What were your initial thoughts about VisaHQ?

I just received my fourth visa from VisaHQ and I couldn’t be happier with the service. At first, though, I was very hesitant. The reason for my hesitation was that there’s a lot of information you have to send them. But, that’s the only way they can do what they have to do.

Once I sent it and once I started seeing the process, I was a lot more at peace. Why? Because they are very organized and they know what they’re doing!

What is the application process like?

You go to the VisaHQ website and click on the country that you’re going to. You’ll see a list of all the consulate’s requirements, what documents it’s going to take, and how much it’s going to cost. You’ll also see how long it’s going to take them, approximately, so you have a really good idea as to what you’re getting into.

What’s are your favorite VisaHQ benefits?

The most wonderful thing about this whole process is that once you send it [your application], they start giving you status updates via email. That’s important because it provides peace of mind in regard to your documentation and your ability to go on your trip.

Also, every time VisaHQ sends my passport back, they put a little note where the visa is, so there’s no guessing where to look for it. They also give you a sticker with contact information, just in case you have any problems.

Why do you use VisaHQ?

I travel around the world implementing systems for my job, so I need to be there on time because we’re training a whole bunch of people to use specific software. It’s important to me to have someone I can count on and VisaHQ has done exactly that.

My point with this is that I just wanted to give you thanks, VisaHQ, for a job well done. You guys have been wonderful. Every time I had a question about something or I had a weird request, you never said, “No.” You always said, “Let me check and I’ll get back with you,” and you always got it done.

Final thoughts for your fellow travelers?

Every time you go to a country, even if it’s for business, please don’t stay at the hotel! Experiment, go out, discover. There’s nothing better than discovering a new country and a new culture. There isn’t; that’s what I do every time I travel.