How long can you stay in Argentina without a visa

How long can you stay in Argentina without a visa? If you must stay in Argentina, you need a visa unless you are a citizen of a visa-exempt country. The government of Argentina categorizes foreign nationals into two categories; those from visa-exempt countries and those from non-visa-exempt countries.

Traveling To Argentina

Argentina is a Latin American country located in the country's Southeast region. In terms of size, it is one of the largest countries in South America and the world, covering more than 1 million square miles of land. The country also has a diverse climate, so there are different seasons within a calendar year.

The nice weather attracts visitors from different parts of the world, including resorts, glaciers, deserts, jungles, and subtropical forests. When you include the beautiful cities of La Plata and Buenos Aires and their rich culture and social scene, you understand why many tourists visit Argentina every year.

How To Know You Need A Visa To Enter Argentina

To find out whether you need a visa for Argentina to enter the country, simply browse the visa-exempt list on the internet; if your country is not included on the list, just know that you will need a visa to enter the country. The visa-exempt list is always updated regularly with some countries included and others taken off, so ensure that the list you check is recent. For instance, Macau was added to the list on November 13, 2019 of citizens who can enter with an Aregentina electronic travel authorization..

How Long Can You Stay In Argentina Without A Visa?

Citizens from visa-exempt countries can stay in Argentina without a visa for 90 days, after which they must leave the country. Such citizens only need a travel ticket and a passport with six months validity or more to visit the country.

ID Eligibility Visits

Then there are foreigners who can enter Argentina with their ID cards and don't need a visa or a passport. Fellow South American countries, namely, dominate this list

  • Ecuador

  • Bolivia

  • Brazil

  • Colombia

  • Peru

  • Paraguay

  • Uruguay

  • Venezuela

If you are from any of these countries, you can visit Argentina without a visa or passport; only your ID card and the immigration laws allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days.

Travel Authorization

Another category of visitors that can stay in Argentina without a visa are those on the Travel Authorization list, and they are very few, namely

  • Kosovo

  • Nauru

  • Taiwan

  • Tonga

  • The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

  • Tuvalu

Types of Argentina Visa

There are different types of Argentine visas foreigners with valid passport can apply for, and they are as follows.

Tourist Visa: This is a short-term visa for tourists coming to spend their holidays in the country. The visa is valid for three months but is subdivided into several categories

  • Tourist Visa – for recreational purposes

  • Business Visa – for foreigners coming for commercial or business-related activities

  • Medical treatment visa – for those coming to receive medical care in any Argentine health Institution.

  • Media/Journalist Visa – for media professionals traveling to Argentina for media duties

  • Religious visa – members of an officially recognized religious order who wish to visit the country for religious-related reasons.

All these visas are tourist-related visas that grant the holder access to the country for 90 days.

Long Term Visas

There are long-term visas for those coming for activities not related to tourism. Visas under this category are valid for 1 year or more. We review them below.

Resident Visa

Also called a residency visa, this long-term visa is for foreigners who wish to reside in Argentina for a little while or permanently, and there are different ones.

Work Visa: This visa is for foreign nationals who have found jobs and obtained work permits arranged by the employer.

Student Visa: As the name implies, this visa is for foreigners who have been admitted into any of Argentina's institutions of learning.

Family Visa:  Family visas are for spouses, children, and relatives of foreigners who currently work or trade in Argentina.

Investment: An investment visa is for those who wish to invest a substantial amount in the economy even though they are not Argentina citizens.

Retirement Visa: A retirement visa is for retirees who wish to settle in Argentina after retiring from active duty or working in their home countries.

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