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Do you have plans to visit Argentina for business anytime soon? You will need to apply for an Argentina business visa to legally enter the country. Although this document is important for most travelers, not every visitor requires a business visa. If you are from an ETA-eligible country with plans to stay for only a short time, you can apply for an electronic travel authorization permit instead.

This page contains information about the business visa to Argentina so keep reading to know more.

Argentina Business Visa

An Argentina visa is a travel document issued to visitors for business purposes. You can avail of this visa if you want to visit Argentina's Buenos Aire and other major cities for meetings, negotiations, procuring products or any items, or even to attend conferences to build a solid business relationship. This visa is issued by Argentine embassies or accredited agencies in foreign countries. Business visas allow holders to stay for up to 60 days to conduct their business, but they must exit the country on or before the last day of grace.

  To avail of the visa, the applicant must submit valid documents and fill out a visa application form. These are the documents the officials will use in processing their request to obtain the visa.

Argentina Business Visa Requirements

These are the business visa requirements of the Argentine government.

Passport: The visa applicant must provide a valid passport with at least 2 blank pages and a minimum of 6 months validity. Passports that expire in less than 6 months will be rejected.

Completed Application Form: A completed visa application form containing your details. The information provided must be accurate and reflect what is on your passport and other documents. The business travel Argentina form must also be signed by the applicant.

Photograph: 2 current passport photographs in white background is also required. They must be colored with a 2x2 inches dimension.

Immigration Status Proof: Visitors with valid US or Schengen visas may include it in their application. The original and copy of the visa are required.

Reservation: A round-trip ticket reservation is also required to prove that the applicant has every intention to return to their country at the end of their visit. 

(Don’t purchase the ticket, only make reservations)

Hotel Booking: The applicant must make hotel reservations before they arrive in Argentina

Invitation Letter: If the applicant is invited to the country, they must provide a signed invitation letter addressed to them by the individual or entity inviting them to the country. The letter may be in electronic or paper format as long as it contains information about the visitor's purpose for the trip and is signed. The entity must be registered for professional services with the Registry of Petitioners and the National Directorate of Migration.

Employment Letter: This letter is for those who are coming to Argentina to work. The employer must issue a signed letter indicating the visitor's role in their organization during their stay.

Visa Fee: A visa application fee is attached to this business visa and is payable with a credit or debit card. Applicants may also pay with a money order addressed to the Consulate General if this option is available in their countries. Cash and checks are not accepted.

Note: Kindly note that the officials may require extra documents.

How To Apply For An Argentina Business Visa

Applicants must visit the embassy in their home countries or designated agents to fill out and submit their application forms. The required documents must be attached to the application form and submitted to the embassy official on duty. Regular business visas take between 7-10 working days to process but may take longer in special cases.

After reviewing the application form and documents, it will be invited for an interview. At the interview, you will be asked about your trip, and original copies of your documents will be reviewed. You will be invited back to collect your visa and passport if you meet all the requirements.

Business visas are unavailable online, so applicants must visit the embassy or designated agents to apply in person.

Can I Work With An Argentina Business Visa?

Holders of Argentine business visas are not allowed to work unless under special circumstances as expressed by the entity inviting them into the country. And even so, there are special conditions they must meet.  

Other Conditions

Visitors on a business visa can only stay in Argentina for up to 60 days per visit. Furthermore, they must meet the requirements of the Ministry of Migration. Being granted a visa is not a certainty that you will be allowed into the country as the immigration officers are empowered by law to allow or deny entry even if the visitor has an Argentina Business Visa.

Argentina Visa Policy

The official visa policy of the Argentine government is that foreigners must have visas in hand before they can enter the country unless they are from visa-exempt countries. 

Visas are obtained from Argentine diplomatic missions abroad or online. The country's visa exempt list is determined by agreements between Argentina and foreign countries which may be multilateral or bilateral.

If you are from a visa-exempt country, you don't need a visa to enter Argentina. With a valid passport, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days or 60 or 30 days, depending on your nationality. Visa-free visitors can visit any part of the country they wish, but they are only allowed to work with visas, as only work visa holders can work in Argentina.

Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization

Some foreigners from selected countries and territories may apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization or AVE if they wish to visit for noncommercial purposes. This online authorization is for tourism, business, and transit. Holders coming for medical treatment may also apply for it too.

The Argentine ETA is issued only to visitors who meet some conditions. Firstly, the applicant must have a valid visa issued by the United States. 

This visa may be a B2, B1, J, O, P or E visa. Suppose the applicant is from a country whose citizens enjoy visa exemption in Argentina. In that case, they can go ahead to apply for the ETA provided they can show evidence that they have visited the US at least once in the last 2 years before submitting their application for the ETA or US visa.

The good thing about Electronic Travel Authorization is that you don't need to waste time on the application or wait weeks to get it. The application is completed in just a few minutes, and the authorities will process your application in three days or less.

Argentine Travel Certificate

Another type of application document is an Argentine Travel Certificate issued to citizens of a few countries. This special document is offered to citizens of Taiwan, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kosovo, Nauru, and the Sahrawi Democratic Republic who wish to visit the country. These nationals don't need visas for short trips.

Note: The list of countries for visa exemption and ETA is always changing, so endeavor to consult the current list to determine whether you need a visa or not or whether you qualify for ETA.

Key Information About The Argentina Electronic Travel Authorization

All ETA applicants must be aware of key details about this document before submitting their applications or making the trip to Argentina with it. In this section, we throw more light and what you need to know about this entry document.

It is not a Visa: First, you should know that this ETA is not a visa but a legal entry document. Holders are not entitled to any other privilege apart from what brought them into the country. They are not issued any permits during their stay in Argentina either.

Apply outside: You cannot apply for ETA while in Argentina. Despite being an online process, you must be outside to obtain it.

Only for designated routes: This document will only be accepted for entry at designated entry routes. You may be denied entry if you use it for an unapproved route. Also, it is only valid for trips to Argentina, not any other country.

Financial Sufficiency: All visitors coming to Argentina for short visits must show proof of financial sufficiency in cash, credit, or debit card. The funds must cover their daily needs multiplied by the number of days or weeks they plan to spend.

Argentine Immigration: Do note that despite having an ETA, a visitor may be denied entry by Argentine Immigration if they cannot explain beyond reasonable doubt why they are coming to Argentina. They may also be denied entry if the officers discover that the ETA was obtained with false documents or information.

Argentina Visa Online – Get your Argentina e-Visa with VisaHQ

Argentina online visa is available to persons who wish to visit the country at short notice. You don't have to visit the Argentine embassy in your home country to get a visa if you qualify for an online visa because of your nationality.

How To Apply For ETA with VisaHQ

Applying for ETA with VisaHQ is easy if you have all the required documents, but first, you must hold a valid US or eVisa unless you are from a country on the visa-exempt list of the EU or the US. Here are the steps to take.

Fill out the ETA form: Start by filling out the ETA form with accurate information. Ensure that each section is correctly filled out with no errors or misrepresentations.

Attach documents: The documents you attach must be valid and meet the requirements for the ETA you are applying for. Upload scanned copies of each one.

Pay The Application Fee: Pay the application fee with a credit or Debit card, then submit.

Get your ETA: Once approved, the document will be sent to your email in three days or less.

Why Use VisaHQ?

If you have not used VisaHQ for online applications, now is the perfect time to try. Online applications take less time and stress, and you can complete them at home. If you use VisaHQ, you can

  • Apply for more than one ETA at a time
  • Save your data
  • Track the status of your application
  • Get technical support from our team if you need help

Visit our application page now to complete your application without stress.

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