Algeria visa for Indian

Algeria is a country in Africa, and it has many facilities to offer. Algerian citizens are a good-natured bunch of very welcoming people. Whether you go to Algeria for a trip or business purposes, you will have a gala time.

You can visit the Sahara Desert in Algeria. However, it would be best if you were wary of the threat of terrorism and kidnapping.

Before you go to Algeria, you should know what the requirements for the visa are so that you can prepare your documents and fill in the visa application form.

Do Indians Need a Visa to Visit Algeria?

Yes, Indians will need an Algerian visa to go to Algeria regardless of the purpose of their visit. Once you have filled out the visa application, you must go to the Algerian embassy yourself to submit the application. Ensure that you do not leave this process for the last minute. You should go at least 10 days before to submit your application if you want to receive your visa on time.

When you reach Algeria, you will have to show your visa to the Algerian authorities, and in case of any problems, according to the rules of the Algerian government, you may be asked questions.

Different Types of Visas Available for Algeria

Two main types of visa services are available for Indian citizens who wish to travel to Algeria.

One is the tourist visa, and the other is the business visa. You can obtain these visas at the Consulate or the Algerian Embassy.

Tourist Visa

For the tourist visa, you can get either a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. The validity of the single entry visa is for a month, while the validity for the multiple entry visa is for 3 months. The processing time for both visa types is within 3 business days or a week.

For a tourist visa, it is important to provide information and additional documents, such as proof of accommodation. This can include submitting hotel reservation details and the travel itinerary, which tells where you will go and your travel dates.

Business Visa

If you plan to travel to Algeria from India for business purposes, you will need a business visa to enter Algeria.

You need the necessary documents to acquire this visa, such as an invitation letter from the Algerian host company, a bank statement, etc.

You can get a single entry visa with a validity of a month or a multiple entry visa with a validity of 3 months. Additionally, the processing time for both is between 3 days a week.


There are also other visas, such as work visas and cultural visas. A work visa is when a company has invited you to work for them. It is for foreign nationals invited to Algeria to work in foreign companies. In this case, you might need a notarized invitation letter and an employment contract. A cultural visa is required when you travel to Algeria for any cultural event, such as a sporting event or conference.

Requirements for the Algeria Visa for Indians

For Indians visiting Algeria, you need to have your official passport. Your valid passport details should match the personal details in your application form. Taking the passport picture on a proper white background would be best.

Foreign nationals are not allowed to enter Algeria for the time being. If you want to visit Algeria, you must first have proof of a negative covid test three days before arrival. Moreover, you will be subject to quarantine for 14 days once you come to Algeria. Only citizens who have come for some important business will be allowed. Entry is applicable only if you are free of covid. Therefore, ensure that all your medical certificates are authentic; otherwise, you may face trouble entering Algeria.

Visa services for Indians to visit Algeria are limited to consultation and administration.

You must have your documents fulfilling the following criteria stated by the Algerian government.

How to Apply for the Algeria Visa Application Online?

You can visit the site VisaHQ and fill up the application form. The Algeria visa application form will ask for personal details and certain documents.

When you visit the site, you must choose the travel site as Algeria and the citizenship as Algeria.

It would be best if you remembered that VisaHQ would provide a faster way to fill out the application. However, applicants must submit the application to the embassy on their own.

You should take an appointment beforehand to submit your application.

You may also need to pay the embassy fees apart from the VisaHQ service fee.

Only you can submit the application form and complete the application process. You cannot send a travel agent on your behalf. Make your job easy by filling out the application form online in minutes and submitting it to the embassy!

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