Czech Republic schengen visa requirements

People who want  a Schengen visa to the Czech Republic should be aware of the  Czech Republic Schengen visa requirements before starting the process. Your application will only be successful if you meet all the requirements and satisfy all the conditions for the visa. In this article, we want to give you a full checklist of the documents you must attach to your application, so keep reading to know more.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a modern nation born out of an old one called Czechoslovakia which was dissolved nearly three decades ago. Out of the former country emerged two new ones called the Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic. Modern-day Czech Republic became a part of the Schengen Zone and the European Union in 2007 after signing the Schengen Agreement. The country is home to close to 11 million people and is a tourist hub in Eastern Europe. Its capital, Prague, is one of the busiest tourist hubs in the region, and many have described it as the most beautiful state capital in Eastern Europe.

Due to its past, the country has diverse architecture ranging from Romanesque to Gothic and Baroque architecture. Even Mannerist architecture is also found in some parts of the country. Every year, more than 20 million visitors come to the Czech Republic for business and pleasure, and there is so much to see.

Czech Republic Schengen Visa Requirements

All travelers are free to visit the Czech Republic if they meet the mandatory requirements for entry. A Schengen visa is required for persons from non visa exempt countries, and only those who satisfy all the requirements will be issued the visa by the Czech embassy in their country. Find below the necessary documents.

Application Form: The Czech Schengen visa application form can be obtained online or from the embassy. This form contains sections for relevant information, and each section must be correctly filled with accurate information. It must also be validated with the applicant's signature, and third parties must not sign on behalf of the applicant.

Passport Photos: Two passport photos taken within the last six months will be required. The passport photographs must be printed on a white background and meet other Schengen photo requirements.

Valid Passport: You need a valid passport for this visa. Based on Schengen regulations, the passport must have at least three months of validity beyond your exit date from the Czech Republic. The passport must have at least two empty pages for visa stickers. Passports issued more than ten years ago will not be accepted.

Copies of Previous Visas: Persons who have been issued a previous visa should include it in their application for review and reference purposes.

Round Trip Itinerary: This is a reservation for entry and exit flight tickets with their flight numbers. This is necessary to prove that the visitor plans to leave the country on the day they stated on their application form.

Travel Health Insurance: You will need travel health insurance to cover any medical expenses you may incur during your time in the country, either due to illness or injury. 

The insurance policy must provide a minimum cover of a minimum of €30,000.

Proof of Accommodation: The visa officer will want to know where you intend to stay, so they will demand proof of accommodation, such as a hotel reservation, Air BNB booking, or even the house address of a friend or family member. This should be included in your application.

Proof of Subsistence: Only persons who can prove they have the resources to cover their expenses will be issued a visa. To prove financial sufficiency, you must provide a stamped bank statement showing the sufficient balance to cover your expenses. The minimum amount for daily expenses for travelers coming to the Czech Republic is only €42.

Cover Letter: A cover letter signed by the applicant explaining why they want to visit the Czech Republic, their plans while in the country, and how long they plan to stay.

Visa Fee Receipt: All applicants must pay a Czech Republic visa fee before they can submit the application, and the fee varies depending on age. Minors under six years don't pay Czech visa fees, while children aged 6-11 pay €40. For older persons, the standard fee is €80. After paying the fee, the receipt should be attached to the application as proof of payment.

Civil Status Proof: A document to prove the civil status, such as a birth certificate for children, marriage, or death certificate for a spouse.

You will be asked to provide these basic documents at the embassy, but extra documents may be requested depending on the embassy in your country.

Czech Republic Schengen visa requirements are a set of documents that are mandatory for visa issuance.

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