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For travellers of 15 years and older:
• 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos or 250g of tobacco
• 1.5L of Spirits
• 9L of Beer
• 2.25L of Wine
• 250ml of eau de toilette
• 100ml of eau de perfume
• In addition to the above - new and unused items up to the value of VUV 50,000 or equivalent


• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Counterfeit items
• Cultural artefacts and other objects of cultural importance
• Explosive and flammable material
• Soil, agricultural products (biological or chemical) like animal feed, plants feed etc.
• Seeds and nuts (unless commercially packed and processed)
• Plants
• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Animal products i.e. foodstuff, clothing, jewellery etc. (feathers, skins, honey)
• Weaponry and ammunition


• Live animals – health certificate required along with complete and valid inoculations. Contact nearest embassy to obtain permission or contact the authorities directly.
• Endangered species and any products or parts thereof as outlined by CITES maybe be brought in only with CITES permission.
• Medication – accompanied by prescription and in original packaging. Please contact the nearest embassy to make sure your medication will be allowed in.
• Dry and processed foodstuff like polished rice, noodles, commercially packed tea, biscuits, processed nuts, processed fruits and vegetables (i.e. pickled vegetables). These items need to have original label and need to be declared.
• Plant craft produce like straw hats, mats, frames and wood carvings can be brought into islands only when declared where it will be inspected and if needed specially treated.
• Currency – amounts exceeding equivalent of VUV 1,000,000 need to be declared.
• Agricultural tools
• Camping equipment
• Used sports gears (shoes, golf club, etc)