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For residents over 18 years old

• 2.5L of alcoholic liquor
• 2 L of wine
• 250 ml of perfume
• 50 cigars
• 200 beedi
• 200g tobacco
• 100g snuff

For non-residents over 18 years old

• 2 bottles of wine
• 1.5L of spirits
• 250 ml of Eau de Toilette
• Small quantity of perfume
• Gifts and souvenirs not exceeding value of US$250


• Narcotics
• Pornography
• Anti-religion materials
• Indian and Pakistani currency


• Pets – import required obtainable from nearest Embassy or Mission
• Weaponry and ammunition - with permission only. Contact the nearest embassy for more details.
• Cultural artefacts
• Plants, animals any part thereof and foodstuff. For more details please contact nearest Embassy
• Medicines, for personal use only, in original packaging and accompanied by the prescription and doctor’s note.
• Currency – any local or foreign currency exceeding equivalent of US $15,000 needs to be declared, local currency (Sri Lanka Rupee) up to 5,000.