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Free import

• 400 cigarettes or 200 cigarillos or 100 cigars or 500 grammes of tobacco products, provided only one type of tobacco products is imported (otherwise only half of the quantities allowed);
• Only for persons of 21 years and older: alcoholic beverages: 2 litres;
• A reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use;
• Goods up to an amount of RUB 65,000.- for personal use only;
• Caviar (factory packed) max. 250 grammes per person.


• Photographs and printed matter directed against Russian Fed.. Acipenseridae family (sturgeons) fish and any product made thereof and live animals (subject to special permit). Military arms and ammunition, narcotics, fruit and vegetables. Dairy and meat products from Armenia and Georgia.
• Arms and ammunition.


• Customs declaration, which will be filled out on entry of Russian Fed. must be kept carefully. When leaving Russian Fed. this declaration has to be handed over, even when travelling to another C.I.S. country.
• Dairy and meat products are permitted (except from Armenia and Georgia), provided packed in original factory packing and in quantities that can be considered for own personal use. Larger quantities will be subject to inspection and traveller will be requested to provide the appropriate documentation, including veterinary health documents.
• Cats, dogs and birds must be accompanied by: veterinarian health certificate (nationals of C.I.S. countries may present a veterinary license instead) bearing seal of local Board of Health and issued no more than ten days prior to arrival (or international Veterinary Passport). Pigeons must be accompanied by a certificate which proves they are free from bird flu; international veterinary passport. For all animals, except cats & dogs, special import permission from Veterinary dept. Ministry of Agriculture is required. (Generally pets are not permitted in hotels.)
• For travellers entering the Russian Fed., a limit of baggage allowance of 35 kg and/or a value of RUB 65,000 exists. If exceeding the limit, a customs fee of EUR 4per kilo will apply or a 30% axis on top of the excess value to be collected.