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Free import

For all passengers over 18 years old:
• 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grammes tobacco 
• 2 bottles of alcohol of not more than 1 litre each
• Duty free allowance for special passengers: Philippines residents who have stayed abroad more than 6 months may bring used electronic or electrical appliances and personal effects up to the value of PHP 10,000
• Contract workers: used personal effects up to value of PHP 10,000 and used home appliances, limited to 1 of each kind, up to the value of PHP 10,000
• Free export of up to USD 10,000 or equivalent amount of foreign currency. Any a mounts exceeding that amount must be declared.


• Firearms and parts thereof, any types of replicas, explosives and ammunition.
• Printed subversive, obscene and pornographic materials
• Drugs or substances aiding abortion
• Gambling machines and articles of such (jackpot or pinball machines, lottery sweepstakes • Tickets, coin operated video machines
• Any precious metals without indications of actual fineness of quality
• Misbranded adulterated drugs or foodstuffs
• Prohibited drugs and plants/ seeds that prohibited drugs are made of (coca leaves, poppy, marihuana) as well as smoking pipes and parts thereof


• All plants, planting materials, fruits and vegetables, regardless of quantity, requires Import Permit/Authority to Import and needs to be declared upon arrival.
• All animals must be accompanied by: 
- Veterinarian good health certificate issued at the point of origin stating that animals have not been exposed to communicable disease
- Prior import permit obtained from Bureau of Animal Industry
• Cats and dogs must also have a certificate of inoculation against rabies (issued at point of origin). The Station Manager of the airline at point of arrival must notify the Quarantine Inspector in Manila at least 24 hours before arrival of animals. Pets may be transported as a hand baggage or as a cargo. For more details please contact your airline.
• Currency Import regulations: Free import of up to PHP 10,000 (local currency - Philippine Pesos). Any exceeding amounts require authorisation from the Central Bank of the Philippines.
• The source and purpose of transport of such amount must be stated and documented. Violation will be subject to sanctions under Philippine customs law and regulations.