Kazakhstan Visa

Kazakhstan customs

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Free import

• 1000 cigarettes or
• 1000 grammes of other tobacco products
• 2 litres of alcoholic products or
• 2 litres of wine
• A reasonable amount of perfume
• Personal goods including toiletries, cameras, TV sets mobile phones and jewellery. All objects brought into the country in this section will have to be declared upon entry and are for personal use only.
• For travellers, an unlimited amount of local currency can be imported whilst foreign currency greater than USD 3,000 w+ill need to be declared. The same restrictions apply for Kazakhstan nationals leaving the country providing all local currency taken out is declared.
• Travellers to the country can export an equal amount of local currency to the amount they came in with. Foreign currency greater than USD 3,000 exiting the country will need to be declared at customs. Kazakhstan nationals can export an unlimited amount of local currency providing a permit is obtained beforehand. Foreign currency up to USD 10,000 can be exported but sums greater than USD 3,000 will also need to be declared at the customs department.


• Illegal drugs
• Weapons, Explosives and ammunition
• Knives and deadly weapons
• Animal or animal products – unless permission has been obtained
• Cats, dogs and other animals – unless permission has been obtained
• Pigeons
• Plants, plant products and soil
• Gold and silver – unless permission has been obtained or is declared at customs
• Precious stones and jewels
• Culturally valuable artefacts and antiques
• Photographs and other printed material which portrays the country in a negative light
• Counterfeit money and goods
• Pornographic material


• Food and food products entering the country will require a special permit in order to be granted entry.
• Cats, dogs and other pets being imported into the country will require a veterinarian health certificate in order to enter the country. An additional certificate showcasing the animal’s protection against Rabies is also recommended.
• Gold and silver items which are not declared upon entry will be prohibited from entering the country.