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Falkland Islands customs

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Free import

• 200 cigarettes
• 50 cigars
• 100 cigarillos
• 250 grams of tobacco
• 1 litre of Alcoholic beverages if more than 38.8% proof
• 2 litres of Alcoholic beverages maximum 38.8% proof
• 2 litres sparkling wine or still table wine
• 10 litres of beer or cider


• Illegal drugs
• Deadly knives and other killing weapons
• Guns and ammunition – without stated permission
• Pornographic material
• Counterfeit goods
• Live animals and insects
• Meat or dairy products – unless health certificate has been obtained beforehand


• An import licence from the Department of Agriculture and a veterinary/sanitary certification from the country of origin are required if bringing in Meat, Poultry or Dairy products onto the islands.
• An import licence is required from the Falkland Islands' Agricultural Authority if importing Cats, Dogs and other animals onto the islands. A permit from the Agricultural authority will also be needed to bring in any wild fauna and flora but seeds are not to be included. All imported goods must be soil free. Untreated animal hides, skins and derivatives will also need to be accompanied by an import licence from the Agricultural Authority before allowed admittance.
• An import licence is also required from the Falkland Islands' Policy Authority for bringing in firearms, explosives and ammunition onto the island.