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Free import

• Tobacco products (for travellers aged 18 and over): 200 cigarettes and 5 cigarillos (not exceeding 3g each) and 10 cigars and 200 grammes of tobacco (with 200 cigarette papers) or 200 grammes chewing tobacco or 200 grammes of wate-pipe tobacco or 50 grammes of snuff tobacco;
• Alcoholic beverages (for travellers aged 18 and over): 1 bottle of 1 litre or 2 bottles of 700 ml./750ml. of wine and/or spirits;
• 5 bottles of perfume (max. 120 ml. each);
• Gifts up to the value of EUR 300. (EUR 145. for those aged under 15);
• 1kg of coffee; 1kg of instant coffee; 500g of tea; 1kg of chocolate; 1kg food made of sugar;
• Medications for personal use.


• Firearms and military ammunitions
• Pharmaceuticals
• Drugs
• Meat and dairy products
• Madioactive substances


• Cats and dogs require a good health certificate. Pets may enter as passenger's checked baggage, in the cabin or as cargo.