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Free import

• Goods obtained overseas with a total combined value of not more than A$900 (A$450 for passengers under 18.) this does not include clothing, toiletries and jewellery intended for your own personal use that are not for gift, sale or exchange. You may need to produce invoices, receipts or supporting documentation for goods under 12 months old. This could include gifts. Goods sent as gifts will be subject to Customs assessment and valuation, and may attract customs duty (see the restricted section below).
• For passengers over 18 years old:
* 2.25 litres of alcoholic beverages for each passenger
* 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco products


• Food from countries other than Australia or New Zealand
• Pork and poultry products from New Zealand
• All fresh fruits and vegetables
• Plants – such as live plants, seeds
• Soil - any implements used in the garden or which contain any soil must be thoroughly cleaned, NO SOIL is to remain. These items may be inspected and treated by the Health and Quarantine Officer. Any fumigation costs will be at passenger expense.
• The private importation of alcohol without prior approval is prohibited. The definition of Private Importation states it is for personal use and exceeds the duty free allowance.
• Illicit goods like drugs and weapon


• To facilitate clearance and collection of goods you would be advised to have Original invoices, receipts and any supporting documentation to assist in the assessment of the imported goods. If the documentation presented does not meet with Customs requirements, you could be asked to supply, bank statements, copies of the order or any other documentation that may support the importation. Items that duty is levied on :
* Gifts
* Commercial Goods
• Personal Importation – amount exceeding the duty free allowance (excluding alcohol – see Prohibited section).